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Conquer the Old World in this historical, epic strategy game from Soren Johnson, Lead Designer of Civilization IV and Offworld Trading Company. Every year is a turn, and each leader is a mere mortal, so your lasting legacy will be the dynasty you leave behind.



Old World Update #116

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Headline changes Lower difficulty levels are now easier and a new lowest level difficulty added ‘The New’Many balance changes including nerfs to Persian UUs and Schemer leadersKush now available on the Middle East premade mapAI combat, strategic and performance improvements Design New difficulty level added The New. Reworked AI penalties on lower difficulty levels.Passive AI …

Old World Update #115

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Headline changes Zealot leader generals have a new action ‘Apply Enlist’Reworked regenciesAdded option to disable tile improvement recommendations Design Zealot leader generals have a new action ‘Apply Enlist’, which gives their next kill a 100% chance to Enlist for 3 turns, for the cost of 400 civics. This replaces their previous 10% chance to enlist …

Pharaohs of the Nile DLC Released

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We are pleased to announce that the third DLC for Old World, entitled Pharaohs of the Nile, is now available on Steam, Epic and GoG. Pharaohs of the Nile includes six historical free-form scenarios, each with unique characters and objectives set in The New Kingdom that spanned from the 17th to the 20th Dynasty. Unification: Start …

Old World Update #114

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To celebrate the release of our 3rd DLC, Pharaohs of the Nile, this weeks Game of the Week (4th-10th October) will feature the new nation from the DLC, the Kush, regardless of DLC ownership Headline changes Commander leader flanking bonus increasedAdded list of past events to character tooltipAI and performance improvements Design Commander leaders now …

Old World Update #113

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Headline changes New map option City Site NumberAI performance improvementsEnhanced modding features Design New map option City Site Number that limits the number of city sites available based on the number of nations. Options are Unrestricted (default), Restricted (3 city sites per family per nation), Family Seats (1 city site per family per nation) and …