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Conquer the Old World in this historical, epic strategy game from Soren Johnson, Lead Designer of Civilization IV and Offworld Trading Company. Every year is a turn, and each leader is a mere mortal, so your lasting legacy will be the dynasty you leave behind.



Heroes of the Aegean DLC Released, Now Available on Steam and GoG

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Less than a year after its release in July 2021, Mohawk Games’ 4X strategy title, Old World, launches on Steam and GOG on Thursday, May 19th! Hailed as PC Gamer’s 2021 Strategy Game of the Year, Old World has evolved greatly from its inception by Design Director Soren Johnson (Civilization III, Civilization IV, Offworld Trading …

A Note to our Community

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The May 19th release of Old World on Steam and GOG is only a week away, and our team is excited to see preparations being made across our community. We are grateful to all of you, as always; however, today we have some not-so-great news that we need to share. As you probably have noticed, …

Old World Update #90

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Highlighted Changes: Patrons now get more Scholars Traders get more Schemers Units stay Anchored and Unlimbered after being Upgraded or Gifted Double Money from Prosperous trait Increased culture and discontent reduction from Odeon/Theatre/Amphitheatre Poets now give Civics per Citizen Philosophers give Culture per Citizen University now gives +10% Civics Unit cost scaling is now per …

Old World Update #89

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Highlighted Changes: City border preview is no longer displayed on unrevealed tiles Champions now get a free Militia instead of a Warrior Razing a city now destroys improvements within its city borders Barding now requires Battleline Forts are destroyed when pillaged Hastatus/Legionary combat bonus changed to vs Melee Cataphracts have 10% Circle attack Increased cost …

Old World Releases on Steam May 19 with new DLC: Heroes of the Aegean.

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Steam and GoG Release date: May 19, 2022 The long-awaited historical 4X strategy title, Old World is coming to Steam and GOG May 19, 2022. Additionally, the new “Heroes of the Aegean” Expansion will be released the same day, free to all purchasers of Old World for the first 2 weeks. Set in classic antiquity, …