A Note to our Community

The May 19th release of Old World on Steam and GOG is only a week away, and our team is excited to see preparations being made across our community. We are grateful to all of you, as always; however, today we have some not-so-great news that we need to share.

As you probably have noticed, Old World is a very wordy game. We have over 3,500 events in the main game, and the Greek campaign in the upcoming Heroes of the Aegean DLC (which is free for the first two weeks) contains many hundreds of new, custom events. All of that text added up to hundreds of thousands of words, with new events being written up to the end of last month. Unfortunately, this quantity of work meant that the translations will not be fully complete by our May 19th release date. The work will be finished by the end of June at the latest, and we are hoping it will be ready and available before then.

We are very sorry that the complete translations will miss the release date as it is the first time we have had to delay a part of the project. However, we believe that delaying the release to deliver a higher quality is better than releasing what we have and pretending it is good enough. We hold our community in high esteem, and our priority as a team is to make sure we let you know the situation.

If you still want to play the game with the beta translations (which contain most of the game’s text but may have some errors), they will be available on release day on our public Test Branch and will be updated frequently in the following weeks. The seven available languages will be French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us over the years; as you might already know, over half of our team originates from the community. Thanks again for believing in us, and we appreciate your patience.