Interview with Soren Johnson, Design Director

Meet The Team is a podcast series to introduce the people behind Old World, the historical strategy game by Mohawk Games. Rob Honaker, the host, sits with members of the team to discuss their journey.

In this episode, you’ll meet Soren Johnson, who led the design of Civilization IV, Offworld Trading Company, and now Old World.

Soren Johnson

Design Director

The world was not prepared for my power, so I had to go Offworld. When I realized the extent of my might, I traveled through time and founded Empires to recreate the Old World. I am Soren (Thor) of the Johansons.

I am a scholar of Stanford. My Viking roots spread to Firaxis, which resulted in Civ III and Civ IV. I had to expand my reach wider to Electronic Arts and, somehow, Zynga. Eventually, I became an uncontainable force, and I had to start Mohawk Games in 2013. Now, I do what I want, and I am the ultimate leader of the entire universe, unleashing my designs to all humankind for centuries to come.