Interview with Ky Nguyen, 3D Animator

Meet The Team is a podcast series to introduce the people behind Old World, the historical strategy game by Mohawk Games. Rob Honaker, the host, sits with members of the team to discuss their journey.

In this episode you’ll meet Ky Nguyen from our animation team. He is wonderful to work with and we’re happy to introduce him.

Ky Nguyen

3D Animator

I am Ky of clan Nguyen, dweller of Texas. If you think we have chemistry, you are not wrong. I appeared upon Survios and apprenticed in Virtual Reality, then improved my skills before wearing the Funken Hosen of Sparkypants. I am one of a kind, while my clan are masters of the culinaries, I venture towards the arts. Check out my abilities in bringing to life animals, machines, and humans. I impressed all humankind, glad Mohawk was wise enough to seek me.