Interview with Jason Pastrana, UI Artist

Meet The Team is a podcast series to introduce the people behind Old World, the historical strategy game by Mohawk Games. Rob Honaker, the host, sits with members of the team to discuss their journey.

In this episode, you’ll meet Jason Pastrana, UI and 2D artist. Jason worked on the Civilization series alongside other veterans and has wicked gardening skills.

Jason Pastrana

Lead Concept Artist | UI

Let me introduce myself, I am Jason Pastrana, the Artist.

Born in the Kingdom of New York, I moved and was raised in Florida where I developed my natural artistic craft. Action figures would bend to my will as I preserved their forms on paper.

I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art where I trained in Illustration and 3D art. Flanked by both traditional painters and more modern technical work, I unlocked greater potential to bring my vivid imagination to life. I was ever closer to reaching the great Pantheon of artists who came before.

Over the coming years, I traveled the land of videogames, lending my artistic vision to the likes of Firaxis and Disney. I accumulated experience working across a variety of genres and was eventually called on by Mohawk Games to work on Old World.

Using grace, precision and flair, I paint life into the portraits of leaders and their kin. As with any good artist, I research my subjects extensively to ensure authenticity in my craft. I use this keen eye in my grounds-keeping where my magic skills inform on the health and cures of any garden.

With flourish, I create beauty