Interview with Dale Kent and Daniels Umanovskis

Meet The Team is a podcast series to introduce the people behind Old World, the historical strategy game by Mohawk Games. Rob Honaker, the host, sits with members of the team to discuss their journey.

In this episode, you’ll meet Dale Kent, Designer/QA and Daniels Umanovskis, Designer/Programmer. Hear how two people from other sides of the planet came together through the game’s modding community and how they help make Old World a critical success.

Dale Kent


I am Dale Kent. Born on a farm in Australia, I still enjoy “going bush” on holidays. I tried to study law but that was not my passion, and instead computers became my first love. My first Sid Meier game was Pirates! which I started to mod immediately by hacking the game to move Panama. My journey to Mohawk all began when I purchased a new computer, and it came with a copy of Civilization. After studying computer science, I discovered the online modding community where I developed a number of mods – one was for “Call to Power” which was where I first met Solver.

Daniels Umanovskis


And I am Daniels Umanovskis, but you can also call me Solver. I hail from Latvia and now reside in Sweden. I grew up without computers, or even running water, but later studied computer science and have worked as a translator as I speak six languages. I met Dale when I had trouble getting one of his mods to install. We both participated in the Civ modding community, joined the Frankenstein testing group, and helped out with the Civ 4 expansions. After a time, we both drifted away from Firaxis but have now found our way back to working with Soren and Alex to push the 4X genre forward.