Old World Update #120

Headline changes

Portrait Interpolation enabled. Character portraits will gradually age each year instead of having fixed ages at which they change. They will also change depending on their opinion of you. This can be enabled and disabled in the Graphics Options menu.
AI improvements and fixes
New map script, turn scale and game options
City production can now be automated


New map script ‘Lakes and Gulfs’
New turn scale ‘Seasons’
New game option ‘Random Improvements’, which randomizes the unique improvements (Shrines) for each nation
New game option Revealed Map, which reveals the map on game start but regular visibility rules apply
Artisans no longer get the Ingenuity promotion for Ship and Siege units, instead get a 25% resource cost reduction on these units
Promotion options of a general no longer include invalid effects for their unit
The Jerwan Aqueduct gives free Farmers even to new farms after it has been built
Added +6 Culture/turn to Necropolis
Added Player Start Location map option to Seaside map script
Improved multiplayer start location selection, especially for team games
Tribal raiders are now willing to take a long path to their target if they cannot do anything else
Damaged cities can only be gifted to a teammate or their original owner
Regents no longer get a suffix
Added multiple selection to the build queue for ships in cities with borders in multiple bodies of water to allow selection of where to build the ship
When hovering over unit production the tile it will appear in will be highlighted
Some Dynasty leaders now have a preferred family and will convert to that family if it is founded
Carthage scenario 3 tweaks
Added Theagenes as a historically correct general to the Sacred Band unit in Heroes of the Aegean scenario 3


Unity upgrade to 2021.3.34
AI expansion improvements
AI economy improvements
Improved AI luxury strategy
Refactor non-event legitimacy for completing wonders so the AI understands it
AI now takes better advantage of the Jerwan Aqueduct
Added AI for new Rider ability
AI performance optimizations
AI cache memory optimization
Sprite repo optimization
XML reading optimization
Compressed MeshAnimator animations
Improved performance of scenario menu when switching scenarios
Infos and validation refactor
Enabled parallel loading of Infos
Persistent text asset cache for internal mods


Portrait Interpolation enabled. Character portraits will gradually age each year instead of having fixed ages at which they change. They will also change depending on their opinion of you. This can be enabled and disabled in the Graphics Options menu.
Portrait Editor added to Extras menu
City production can now be automated
Worker icon replaced with a shovel (to disambiguate it from Axemen)
Added Current Tile worker filter and made it the default. Valid Improvements filter now ignores terrain requirements
Research popup no longer always appears at the start of the turn and follows the priority set for events
Visual improvements for Royal Library, Jerwan Aqueducts, Hanging Gardens, Hovel and Range Improvements
Added action menu when right clicking military units in the Units tab
F1 will now always open the encyclopedia even if no related tooltip showing
Encyclopedia now defaults to a random Hints page instead of a completely random page
Hid “F1 to open encyclopedia entry” helptext for hidden projects
Added Encyclopedia category for “Traits (Items)”
Removed obsolete warnings about losing the game due to having no heirs
Improved Riders family helptext
Converted bug report screen to use TextTypes (for future localization)
Removed popup warning about losing progress when exiting a cloud game, as progress is automatically saved

Bug Fixes

Potential fix for Multiplayer disconnect issues
Fixed history generator not showing for SP games
Fixed game of the week using the premade map in the options file
Fixed razed city undo/redo visibility issue
Fixed LAN menu being unavailable with no internet connection
Fixed non-host cloud game deleting
Fixed username field in cloud setup screen not being copyable
Fixed cloud load null reference
Fixed “Join as any player” multiplayer game option
Fixed player team assignments not getting saved
Fixed heir name in notable events
Fixed case where heir could have the same name as a sibling
Fixed AI stun consideration bug
Fixed AI passively healing when it would be better to attack
Fixed some AI improvement selection bugs
Fixed AI specialist value calculation
Fixed AI yields values
Fixed bug with AI not realizing that adjacent unit bonus applies only for the same type of units
Fixed worker AI that resulted in sub-optimal improvement placement decisions
Fixed AI wasting orders shuffling their units around
Fixed rout indicator issues
Fixed an issue with undo/redo in hotseat and cloud games
Fixed theology effects help text
Fixed regent legitimacy bug where leaders after a regent would pass down too much legitimacy
Fixed Regent / Usurper bugs
Fixed remote server host controls sometimes not working
Fixed misleading Ruthless AI tooltip
Fixed lower tier ambitions being offered as crowning ambitions when higher tier ambitions are still valid
Fixed null reference on start when default dynasty in saved player options is random
Fixed trait helptext not displaying rating change in some cases
Fixed character rename undo bug
Fixed game restart on premade maps
Fixed city right-click menu clipping
Heir name popup gets invalidated when the character is no longer the heir
Fixed bug with Carthage scenario 3 calculation for ship damage goal
Fixed bug that prevented units in their own territory from bumping other units out of the way
Fixed Portrait Editor behavior when a selected mod has no portraits
Fixed game load exception
Fixed for team color slider not working
Fixed unit religion not being preserved upon upgrade
Tab panel layout fixes
Fixed Heroes of the Aegean scenario 3 bug where the Control Thessaly cities goal did not complete if the final city was acquired peacefully
Premade maps with tiles that have no terrain now load and terrain is treated as out of bounds instead of causing map load to fail
Fixed Clergy opinion calculation bug
Fixed generic ping null reference
Fixed null reference from razing a city near the map boundary
Fixed city production icon not showing correctly on loading save
Fixed division by zero on tile mouseover
Fixed divide-by-zero client exception
Fixed bug report text appearing on game load
Fixed load/save error related to Jerwan Aqueduct
Fixed XML first-entry validation for mods that derive from existing Infos and add new fields
Fixed empty text sometimes not updating properly in Encyclopedia
Fixed clicking on preset character links in Encyclopedia not going to character page
Fixed bugs with when African Elephants are valid to build in Carthage scenario 4
Fixed Donut mascript sometimes generating maps with a square hole
Fixed missing platform DLL on GOG Mac build
Fixed rare game freeze when exiting to main menu
Fixed crash if the player options file contains a disabled nation
Text and event fixes

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About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.