Old World Update #119

Headline changes

Major localization text update for all languages
95 new events added
Many design changes including new map scripts, game options and rebalancing


New map script Player islands. Each nation gets their own island, with optional empty islands.
New map script Highlands. Inland map with lots of mountain ranges and elevated terrain.
Inland Sea map script reworked. Now has more variation and is more Mediterranean-like.
New game option Random Tech Tree. Shuffles the position of each tech within its column.
No longer possible to lose when dying without an heir, another character will take over

Tech tree changes:
Infantry Square now requires Battleline instead of Bodkin Arrow
Windlass now requires Architecture instead of Scholarship
Added Luxury bonus cards to the tech tree – on Forestry, Metaphysics, Coinage, Portcullis and Lateen Sail
Added Kush UU bonus techs – Free Medjay Archer (Composite Bow) and Free Beja Archer (Bodkin Arrow)
Hittite UU 2 bonus tech (Free Three Man Chariot) science cost reduced from 800 to 600 (to be consistent with other UU bonus techs)

Free-for-all multiplayer game player start improvements:
All map scripts now spread out the players as much as possible, at the expense of selecting the best terrain.
Added a different, experimental, player placement for highlands and coastal rain basin map scripts, which are relatively uniform land maps

Player start adjustment to try to avoid being placed in a small area surrounded by impassable terrain
More resources between city sites, especially at low city site density
Baths class improvements give one extra Happiness per turn
AI (nations and tribes) now have a chance to cancel an alliance when at cautious opinion or lower
Split Away from Court event class into individual classes. This lowers the frequency of some events that were triggering too often (i.e. imprisoned events)
Players without an online ID (e.g. not running through Steam, Epic Launcher or GoG Galaxy) are now able to play network multiplayer
Regents will now be forced for child leaders up to age 6 when previous leader died and up to age 12 if previous leader abdicated
Rider family seat bonus now includes the addition of horses, elephants, and camels to tiles within the city territory, no longer allows building units without resources.
Generals over 50 now get general-related traits offered on upgrade (previously only Generals eligible for assignment were offered these)
Autonomous rule no longer clears the build queue, but AI can change it to build what it wants to
Leaders can no longer be Exploring. Exploring Leader events have been reworked.
Khufu now has a family penalty for each wonder built (Wonders and Dynasties)
Meritities is now Righteous instead of Revered (Wonders and Dynasties)

New Events

89 new base game events:

A Brush With Death
A Child No More (x4)
A Famous Hill
A Gracious Welcome
A Greater Calling Just Called
A Little More Time
A Narrow Escape
A Matter of Faith
A Royal Suspect
A Shift in Thought
Age Of Unrest
Alien Traditions
An Ignominious Wound
Arrow To The Eye
Bonds of Faith
Celebration of Our Many Blessings
Champions of the Guard
Cultural Similarities (x10)
Elephants of City
Entwined Beliefs
Familial Ties
Family Needs
Family Power Play
Family Traditions (x10)
Fangs Of Our Foes
Felled By Arrows
Hard Rain
Heaven Help Us
Hero Of The Realm
In The Hands Of God
Influence Of Weakness
Last Of His Line
Lucky Break
Naming and Necessity
National Tour
National Treasure
No Time Wasted
Not Without Risk
Poisoned Tips
Prime Surplus
Rain Of Arrows
Rebel Phase
Select Timber
Shattered Shield
Stalwart Spouse (x2)
Stronger For It
Test Of Metal
The Captured Agent
The End of an Era (x2)
The Freedom Of Divorce (x2)
The Goal Of Life
The Hunt Continues
The Pále
The Peoples Shield
The Third Man
Too Young To Rule
Tribe Eliminated Nickname
Two Birds
Ward No Longer
Welcome Return
Wondrous Nation

6 new Sacred and Profane events:

Fugitive From God
General Devotion
Joined in Mystery
The Eyes of God
Turning Mani (x2)


Increased the minimum target unit number for the AI, to deal with military threats when it has few cities
AI technology value adjustments. AI chooses Navigation with higher priority.
AI no longer places value on bonus units if no such units are needed (e.g. free Settler with no vacant city sites)
AI now knows about effectPlayer YieldUpkeepModifier, TeamDiplomacyYields and TribeDiplomacyYields
When at war with a tribe with multiple known settlements, Settlers are planned for one site at a time, not all at once
Quick Infos XML validation optimization. Eliminates most memory allocations
Added support for having the same character in multiple dynasties
AI yield value corrections
Can now set a religion to be not Pagan or World


Major localization text update for all languages including all missing Wonders and Dynasties text
Added missing Wonders and Dynasties event art
Changed Remind Turn to Turns until Reminder in Improvement and Text pings
Temporary traits now display time remaining in parentheses
Added tooltip about the loss/gain of tribute yields by declaring war on a tribe
Added Tribal Strength game setup option help text for empty city sites
Added missing icons for some Wonders & Dynasty missions and effects
Added new icon for Zealot’s Enlist Next effect
Added Greek dynasty leader bios
Updated character suffix localization code and added support for Chinese numerals
Tech selection UI is now updated immediately when available techs change
Disabled history generator for multiplayer games (as this was causing bugs)
Custom Leader Archetype shown on Choose Leader screen when selected
In network games the client no longer exits to main menu immediately upon disconnection but instead tries to automatically reconnect
Smoke particles on mines are now hidden when the smokestack is hidden
New Game option enabled on premade maps, will reroll nation and dynasty selection if these have been randomized
Made Religion/Family/Nation/Tribe sections on tab panels collapsible
Added concepts/linkable helptext about the tech card system
Added intermediate Scripted/Freeform menu to Learn to Play
Proscription mission is now hidden unless enabled (Wonders and Dynasties)
Added new icon for Explorer unit (Wonders and Dynasties)

Bug Fixes

Fixed units on cooldown getting moved when units try to move into their tile
Heir births are entered into the game log only after they have a name
Fixed bug where cut trees could be cleared on Lumbermill tiles
Fixed Restart Game button in cases where a premade map was picked through Advanced Setup instead of going through the Scenarios screen
Fixed cycle military button tooltip text
Learn to Play fixes. Prevented some player actions that could cause LTP scenarios to break.
Fix for Event Browser UI
Likely fix for map element names sometimes not matching between client and server
Fixed some scenario load/save inconsistencies
Fixed AI exploration bug
Fixed AI AdjacentSameModifier value
Fixed AI research selection actually following the AI evaluation instead of being random
Corrected some inconsistent use of the AI in-city yield evaluation
Fix for mod dependency bug
Fixed archetype icon not reflecting selected dynasty leader on SP setup screen
Fixed incorrect estimate of effectPlayer on help text when it involved adjacency bonuses from existing improvements (e.g. science output of Pilgrimage)
Removed double spaces betwixt icons and yield names in some cases
Fixed default improvements/units shown as unique when no nation/dynasty is specified
Fixed landmark names sometimes displaying incorrectly in MP games
Random nation on premade maps now correctly remain random on new game
Premade map selection now remembered for next game
Fixed top section of tab headers getting cut off
Fixed Pick Later nation and Random Dynasty setting the dynasty to Default
Fixed queued actions triggering unit selection before decision selection
Fixed Tooltip Scale and Popup Text Size options not saving on Steam Deck
Fixed Heroes of the Aegean scenario 5 save/load bug
Fixed Heroes of the Aegean scenario 5 bugs with Darius events, rebels and autonomous rule
Fixed Wonder and Dynasties content being missing from World Maps and Barbarian Horde scenarios
Fixed Caesar’s dynasty description (Wonders and Dynasties)
Fixed null ref on leader select helptext for dynasties with free tech (Wonders and Dynasties)
Jerwan Aqueduct now has a history that prevents it from changing drastically when city layouts change (Wonders and Dynasties)
Fixed Carthage scenario 1 goal (Markets and Money)
Fixed Jebel Barkal bonus description (Wonders and Dynasties)
Text and event fixes

Known bugs

Starting Game of the Week after having started a game using a premade map will cause GotW to use that map.

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.