Old World Update #118

Headline changes

Added extra map randomisation options and enabled more options for Random map scripts
Added heir name selection popup on birth of heir
UI and AI improvements


Enabled Resource Density, City Site Density, and City Site Number map options on Random map script selection
Added Random options to above map options and set these with the Random game preset
Added Random option to Map Size
Increased city site density for lower density options (25% and 50% distance increases instead of 50% and 100%)
Christian and Manichaean clergy can now marry like clergy of other religions
Game of the week now has a 4.5% chance to use competitive mode
Added heir name selection popup on birth of heir
Halved number of center area resources when using the King of the Hill map option for the Disjunction mapscript


Improved AI exploration and use of reveal territory missions
Added support for events that can trigger for the AI
New attempt to address remote server disconnection issues


When random map options are selected, the game description help text shows which option was actually selected
Permanent game log tweaks – fewer deaths, city breaches shown instead of city captures, offensives no longer shown
State religion notification reminder now opens the Adopt Stage Religion context menu
Team games with duplicate nations no longer force team colors
Revised player color assignment so that unique colors are always assigned to the active team players
Made the “adopt state religion” list in the UI use the same check as gameplay logic for whether a religion can be adopted
Added tooltip to gift unit button
Nation opinion now displayed when there is at least one modifier even if the net opinion is 0
Removed event option text from tutorial events that directs players to options to turn off (redundant with in-event tutorial toggle)
Renamed Active DLC in Encyclopedia to DLC Mechanics
Added duplicate Steam Deck-specific GraphicsOptionsSave fields for scaling options, with higher defaults
Added Wonders & Dynasties DLC to announcement popup
Added support for preset characters with suffixes
Trait help now shows conditional probabilities for gaining other traits or removing this one
Added helptext and concept for trait fallback ratings
Added helptext for a dynasty’s first ruler character to link back to the dynasty description
Hall Of Fame screen layout tweaked

Bug Fixes

Fixed some legacy issues with harvesting and forts
Fixed dynasty selection being unavailable on Choose Leader screen after using a custom archetype
Fixed MP teammate portraits not displaying
Fixed improvement turns remaining not updating when military units go on cooldown (affects Kush when building Forts)
Fixed unit action indicators sorting incorrectly with other worldspace UI
Fixed trait layout for character encyclopedia pages
Fixed unit position jitter on city sites during undo
Fixed stacked workers using different positions
Fixed cloud shader clipping at certain viewing angles
Fixed Odeons on hills not displaying correctly
Fixed resource fade not being preserved when changing graphics settings, and resource fade not occurring when a unit sharing a resource tile is revealed via exploration
Fixed issue with hill height textures cutting off and leaving tear lines in the terrain
Fixed river start flow splats being too large, causing artifacts when it’s placed next to other assets with water
Fixed inconsistent hex grid outlines in the transition between passable and impassable terrain
Fixed undo not updating timeline screen
Fixed AI not invalidating danger calculations after a city has been captured
Fixed tooltip overlap for Leonidas effect in Greece2
Fixed unique dynasty buildings not showing on nation select stats (Ptolemy)
Fixed nested link issue with Pagan Clergy subject
Fixed bug where iAdultProb traits would never be assigned to dynamically generated already-adult characters
Fixed Encyclopedia breaking if there are UnitTraits with no EffectUnits (affects mods)
Fixed modio upload not storing correct metadata blob
Fixed modio API url
Fixed event browser audio picker layout
Updating mods now deletes any files from previous versions that are no longer present in the mod
Heirs can no longer marry other nations leaders, causing them to leave the players nation
Mod Manager will no longer try to display mod update popup if not in the main menus
Rout indicator now longer shown when unit cannot advance to target tile
Fixed DLC ownership caching
Fixed More Water map script option
Fixed map script desert generation error
Fixed bug where characters with Archetypes that allowed them to be Agents could not be Agents if they were also Clergy
Caravans can no longer displace neutral units from their positions
AI discontent value correction
Fixed leftover sign error from discontent to happiness conversion
Fixed replay for team turnstyle cloud games
Text and event fixes

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.