Old World Update #117

Headline changes

Sacred and Profane Clergy have been reworked
Changes to Competitive mode character yields and modifiers
History of the Old World added to loading screen for new games


Sacred and Profane Clergy rework:
The Initiate into Clergy mission run by the Head of Religion has been replaced by a new mission Suggest For Clergy. This is run via the Chancellor and uses the target characters religion
A limit of 2 Clergy per nation has been added
Clergy can now also be Courtiers and marriage restrictions have been removed
Clergy can run the Tutor as Courtier mission (even if they are not a Courtier)
Clergy give a base bonus of +30 religion opinion, modified by character opinion
Pagan Clergy have a +40% chance to become the next Head of Religion and World Religion Clergy have a +20% chance
Pagan Clergy have a new mission Pagan Sacrifices. This targets a pagan city and has a 75% chance to increase the cities happiness and 25% chance to give an opinion penalty to the religion
World Religion Clergy can now act as Agents in cities of their religion
In Competitive mode character yields and modifiers now scale linearly. Ratings lower than 5 will have higher effects and higher ratings lower effects. Previous flat 50% penalty removed.
Character upgrades for leaders, governors, and generals (under retirement age) now include only traits, if possible
Doubled money income from connected foreign cities
Event-caused tribal raids will now target the player, even if at Peace or if another foreign city would be a better target
Added doubled Desert map size as a map option (this is the same size as Deserts were before being reduced recently)
Tweaks to the New Difficulty level – start with an added Militia, increased civics and training per turn
Unimproved water tiles can now be exchanged between cities
Tiles cannot be exchanged between cities if that will cause a city territory to no longer be contiguous
Increased tier of grove luxuries ambition


Improved AI obsolete unit upgrading
AI now has memory about what non-visible city sites are being claimed by other players
AI tries to avoid ending the turn with pending in-place attacks
AI tries to connect road network to foreign cities at peace for the money
Placed a limit on the number of military units the AI uses for exploring
Corrected AI performance regression
AI no longer razes gifted cities and cities obtained from events, even if it can
Fixed bug in AI hurry cost value that was causing it to spend civics instead of saving them for better use
Fixed AI sometimes not healing units when it has the chance
Revised character portrait selection algorithm to duplicate the portrait from a different player, if global duplication can’t be avoided
Removed hardcoded prohibition on foreign paganisms being picked for religion subjects
Platform achievements now unlock completed scenarios when resetting gameOptionsSave file
Added Modio verbose logging added to gameOptionsSave file (off by default)
Added better logging for undo/redo errors
More logging and a possible fix for remote server disconnections
Better failure reporting when an EventOption using the new syntax specifies an invalid subject alias
mapPath now excluded from GameParameters when writing to XML


History of the Old World added to loading screen for new games. This will also appear on the Game Log after the first turn
Added a generic improvement ping that is used to indicate preferred placement of any improvement
Improvement pings are less restrictive in checking validity (i.e. can now add improvement pings to Sand that would be valid for Clerics before founding city)
CTRL-click Heal now automatically heals the unit every turn until fully healed or idle healing would bring unit to full health anyway
Specialist tooltip adjusted. All yields are summarized first and the Rural/Apprentice/etc effects are no longer separated from the rest of the list
Character tooltip always shows heir rank, if any
Improved succession help text for characters after the 4th in line
Clergy included in turn summary announcements and notable character list
Religion changes for unimportant characters no longer shown in turn summary
Clergy traits in Encyclopaedia show the related religion
Added Encyclopedia description for city site improvement
Removed “Could lead to future events” link help which was not working consistently
Added text scaling to reduce overlap on city production menu for some mods
Added hint about Polytheism to the 8 shrine ambition
When an Idle Leader reminder is active, the reminder icon replaces the General/Governor icon to the left of the leader portrait
Added Idle Leader reminder for Tutor as Leader (Scholar ability)
Added tooltips to some cloud game host control buttons
Added new Active DLC Encyclopedia category
Fewer characters included in the turn summary

Bug Fixes

Fixed context buttons not showing up consistently (Send Goods, Assign Agent etc)
Fixed unit upgrades requiring a city with a resource (for an upgrade of A to B, the EffectCity requirements of unit B are only checked if they’re different from requirements of unit A)
Fixed some cases where clicking on non-link text doesn’t trigger button underneath
Fixed Unavailable trait not always getting removed at the start of the players turn
Fixed interrupting a unit in motion over water with a combat action failing to update the unit’s model from water to land
Fixed unit healthbar ticks not getting the correct material, leading to tall models obscuring the ticks
Fixed Carthage scenario null reference for tribal invasion
Fixed city selection lighting change bug
Fixed bug in Heroes of the Aegean scenario with late-game event getting invalidated upon triggering
Fixed display issue with Hierro in Carthage scenarios 3 and 4
Fixed nested link issue with some goal links
Fixed EOS re-authentication at 59 minutes causing Modio to reload and throw errors
Fixed replay being discarded in Learn to Play 4
Fix Ptolemy and Seleucus being unable to adopt a state religion in Heroes of the Aegean scenario 6
Fixed stolen city site event trigger
Fixed some flickering on tooltips and unit HP bar
Fixed boundary tiles remaining visible after gaining and then losing visibility
Fixed Caravan stacking bug
Fixed Event Browser showing new syntax message for all events
Fixed Theology Ambitions getting canceled as impossible too soon
Fixed trade events not getting canceled on war declaration
Fixed no-target missions not working with reminders
Fixed some undo/redo issues (i.e. hunter family opinion not resetting after undoing unit kills in territory)
Fixed bonus help text when adding trait
Fixed missing city happiness modifiers for Kush and Hittite pagan religions
Text and event fixes

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.