Old World Update #116

Headline changes

Lower difficulty levels are now easier and a new lowest level difficulty added ‘The New’
Many balance changes including nerfs to Persian UUs and Schemer leaders
Kush now available on the Middle East premade map
AI combat, strategic and performance improvements


New difficulty level added The New. Reworked AI penalties on lower difficulty levels.
Passive AI will not capture cities from a player who originally founded them
Persian Unique Units (Palton Cavalry and Cataphract Archer) now have a range of 1. This can be increased by effects which increase range (Hills, Marksman promotion etc).
Reduced Schemer leader orders per war from 2 to 1
Kush now available on the Middle East premade map
Reduced Desert mapscript size to be in line with other maps
Upgrading an improvement now also upgrades the specialist, if the existing specialist is less advanced than the starting specialist of the upgraded improvement
Garrison getting pillaged no longer removes existing governor
Autonomous rule now repairs damaged cities that cannot passively heal completely in a turn, even if it’s currently building something else
Collateral damage (pierce, splash etc) formula simplified. This now does the percentage of the damage of a direct attack to the same unit, rounded up. This change increases collateral damage dealt in some circumstances.
Tweaked a few trait inheritance outcomes
Added new trait flavor text and changed some to only appear dependent on character age. Reduced the likelihood of vomiting and diarrhea when characters become severely ill.
Tweaked tutorial events to make them less prone to cluster on the same turns
Generals of tribal units now get XP
Tribes now attack civilian units at a lower priority
Former regents now get a trait giving +1 wisdom and keep their King/Queen Regent title
In the Rise of Carthage scenarios, Balearic Slingers are now buildable on the islands instead of regular Slingers. Regular Slingers can upgrade to Balearics.
Rise of Carthage scenario 4 starting city happiness boosted


AI combat, strategic and performance improvements
Improved retreat and target selection.
Better AI coordination so it doesn’t get some units attacking a target while other healthy ones are retreating.
Better AI awareness of power shift when it moves its units
Improved AI evaluation of tiles for border expansion and buying
AI exploration and wood chopping improvements
Reduced AI fort spam outside of borders, especially for Kush
Revised AI Settler movement to force march when it has excess orders
Fixed the AI starting multiple Settlers at the same time, when it just needs one
Fixed AI not viewing rebels of other nations as a threat when they actually are
Fixed AI incorrectly estimating the cost of buying resources
Fixed AI risky behavior of attacking too close to the fog of war without protection
Fixed tribe AI movement bug
Fixed Hittite AI chopping trees too much at the expense of exploring
AI builds militia more frequently instead of festivals if it cannot build other units
Minor Stun/Push AI optimization
Minor AI exploration fix
One AI cache per player, instead of one per game
Units that require a non-buildable improvement are no longer considered a possible build, unless that improvement is present
GOG SDK updated
Starting location resource placement order shuffled, so players later in the turn order don’t always slightly benefit from rare luxury placement
Added Pharaohs of the Nile campaign source and XML to Reference folder
Added effectCity bAutoBuildUnits, which is like the current autonomous rule, but builds units instead of projects and specialists


Alt+right mouse button is now a shortcut for improvement pings
Mouse click no longer triggers when releasing button after drag
Loading a single player game as a network game now allows AI player reassignment
Dynasties are now shown and can be selected on the Choose Leader screen
Added option to only use default dynasties for AI players
Random nation now sets random dynasty for both SP and MP
Dynasty dropdown with Pick Later will use the dynasty name if available
Moved cycle button tooltips to right of cycle button UI
Added border expansion preview for under construction specialists
Added yields change from trade and tribute to war declaration effect tooltip and yield loss from connected cities to peace breaking effect tooltip
Revised cloud game host control popup to be more consistent. Replaced general save button with individual action buttons.
Improvement suggestions no longer take worker safety into account
Reduced spacing in yield display for tile/specialist widgets
Reduced tile text font and icon size
Negative changes in happiness/discontent now shown using opposite yield color
Added Deficit concept to Encyclopedia
Event Browser: The New Entry button now opens a new event the Wizard

Bug Fixes

Fixed events not triggering on clearing tribal camps
Fixed bug with cloud games not updating correctly when exiting without completing turn, causing them to need to be rewound
Fixed bugs causing replay data to get discarded unnecessarily
Fixed Kush Unique Units not applying Zone of Control
Fixed map script bug causing generation to sometimes fail on Desert maps with large number of players
Fixed last page of Modio mods not displaying in install tab
Fixed double folder names when mod name contains plus (+) symbol
Fixed simultaneous mode non-dynamic turn timer length
Fixed turn style and turn timer dropdowns in server host controls
Fixed AI assert
EffectUnit iActionsExtra are now applied immediately upon acquiring the effect
Fixed a few instances where the number of tribes were miscounted
Fixed the Sentinel dynamic tutorial triggering in the wrong player’s territory
Fixed collection modification during enumeration
Fixed reveal map division by zero when one of the players has been eliminated
Fixed city sites not keeping track of original tribe upon being cleared
Fixed tribe site visibility on the minimap when settlements are not city sites
Fixed improvement construction time remaining not updating when worker goes on cooldown
Fixed Spartan elimination event in Rise of Carthage scenario 2
Fixed idle councilor reminder showing when no missions available
Fixed Wonders being eligible for pillage by event bonuses
Fixed Cognomens getting replaced with lower value versions in some scenarios
Fixed critical hit icons not being immediately updated on ending turn or changing turn style in MP
Tribe units now actively occupy empty city sites to convert them to settlements again
City widget and culture bar update fixes
Fixed city attack damage preview for adjacent effectUnits
Nested link fix (affected anti-Melee, anti-Infantry etc links)
Fixed some null references for tribal invasion AI
Fixed leaderboard display in Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 6
Fixed families of starting units in Pharaohs of the Nile scenarios 3 and 6
Fixed issue with scenarios not getting unloaded correctly
Fixed Map Editor not setting mapWidth and mapHeight values on loading a map
A slot assigned to an AI when loading a MP game now gets full AI state
Fixed an AI cache issue for of existing improvements outside territory
Fixed no character UI issues
Happiness/discontent bar sign issue fixes
Fixed subject reordering breaking old saves
Fixed out of range exception
Fixed decision cycling sometimes not actually cycling
Worker selection cycling UI performance fix
Fixed client background task deadlock
Text and event fixes

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.