Old World Update #114

To celebrate the release of our 3rd DLC, Pharaohs of the Nile, this weeks Game of the Week (4th-10th October) will feature the new nation from the DLC, the Kush, regardless of DLC ownership

Headline changes

Commander leader flanking bonus increased
Added list of past events to character tooltip
AI and performance improvements


Commander leaders now get +100% bonus attack strength while Flanking (up from +50%)
City Site ownership is now determined first by who has a military unit on the tile (in the case of an ally)
Event options with the chance to gain 1 delayed trait now get offered as a fallback rating if the trait is invalid.
Non-allied tribe settlements that are not on city sites no longer get absorbed into a nation by border expansion
Revised city site placement algorithm so that you can now have player starts closer than two minimum city site distances apart, if the map is too small for the number of players
Higher-tier wonders now count toward lower-tier goals – e.g. Legendary wonders will be counted for the “have 1 Strong wonder” goal
Can now hurry obsolete units already in the build queue
End turn is canceled if there are new decisions to make after automated units move


Games in the completed folder no longer include replay data
Adjacent effectUnit refactor
Tribal invasion AI improvements
Combat AI improvements
Added console command setTribeInvasion
Added mod support for specific tribes and tribe strengths to use central AI to coordinate their units
Change mod Infos files now processed after append mod Infos files
Improved terrain mod support and performance optimizations
Map scripts now use internal variable/functions to set terrain formations, without persisting them to tile data since formations are only needed at generation time
Removed terrain formation ID and tile elevation from network data
Removed some unused terrain renderers
Removed unnecessary calls for timeline border tiles
Got rid of tile latitude in network data and saves. The save now instead stores the min/max latitude of the generating mapscript, latitudes are calculated as needed
Optimization to avoid calls to native code in a few places


Added list of past events to character tooltip
The location of initial city improvements (Garrison, Fair) can be specified by using the relevant improvement ping on a valid urban tile. This replaces the old system of ctrl+clicking the preferred tile.
Improvement pings now always get removed when a tile improvement or terrain changes
Leader selection screen now uses multiple rows instead of scroll arrows
Peace mission now shows tooltip explaining mission is disabled when one nation has not met the other
Added toggle to tutorial events to allow the tutorial to be disabled directly from the event
Improved urban adjacency requirement help text
Tooltips for Barracks, Harbors etc now say they are a spawn point for relevant units
Removed city site text on tiles with settlements on them. Tile tooltip now shows if tile is a city site.
Map editor UI cleanup
Added progress for “Establish a State Religion” ambition
Hurry helptext now shows warning if cannot hurry due to missing prereq, such as Scholar governor for Inquiry
Event browser added new event warnings
Added strategy notes to Encyclopedia entries for Laws
Turning existing characters into Courtiers no longer triggers a popup

Bug Fixes

Fixed theology ambitions getting canceled too early
Fixed AI bug where city sites were sometimes claimed by non military units, when they should not have been claimed at all
Fixed missing icon in turn notification when in no characters mode
Bonuses that takes away citizens are no longer possible if it means removing specialist builds with progress from the city queue
Events featuring nations that are eliminated are now correctly made invalid
Fixed tile status tooltips not showing
Fixed issues with mountain renderer
Fixed save/load bugs
Fixed tile tooltips overlapping minimap in Windowed mode
Fixed potential data issue for tile text with undo
Fixed non-allied units not being bounced when a unit newly occupies a tile.
Fixed rare issue that could cause saves started whilst offline to fail to load when online
Fixed scenarios not unlocking when playing offline
Text and event fixes

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.