Old World Update #110

Headline changes

New Options ‘Only Show Map Tacks for Worker’ and ‘Disable environmental sounds’
Added support for changing players mid game when loading a multiplayer save
Heroes of the Aegean scenario rebalancing
Tribes and AI nations can now raze captured cities if the option for razing cities is enabled
AI and performance improvements


Heroes of the Aegean scenario 3 rebalanced. It is now easier particularly on lower difficulties
Heroes of the Aegean scenario 5 rebalanced. Hard difficulty is now harder
Tribes now raze captured cities, if the game option to allow cities to be razed is on. AI nations may also choose to raze captured cities.
Traders now get +6 Money per Specialist (up from +5)
Marshes no longer interrupt rivers
Tribal units without sites now have a 10% chance of converting to a Raider each turn (instead of disappearing)
Tribes you have not yet met will no longer raid
Mourning trait now removed automatically after 4 turns
Christian Clergy title has been changed from Bishop to Presbyter (to avoid conflict with the Cathedral specialist)
Desert Mapscript player start position improvements
Desert Mapscript: Adding tooltip warning about trade networks not always being possible
Cognomen adjustments – reduced effect of improvements built, landmarks discovered and ruins explored on Cognomen progress
Rural tiles completely surrounded by urban tiles no longer prevent a minor city from forming
Can no longer capture an undefended 0HP city with a rout attack or rout after capturing a city.
Dynasties now have their own starting tiles on premade maps. Particularly affects Ptolemy who now starts in Alexandria. Egypt starting tiles amended
AI can have a leader from any available dynasty of that nation
Raiders no longer take the long way around towards their target if the path is blocked. They try to power through whatever is blocking them instead


Automated workers now favor improvement pings (map tacks)
Improved unit placement algorithm
Improved performance when switching scenarios
Unit and improvement animation controller files now appear in the Reference folder to aid 3D asset modding.
Performance optimization for when multiple tiles change ownership
Optimized UI sprite repository loading to improve scenario loading times
Improved algorithm for determining holes in urban areas that should not prevent minor cities from forming
Adjusted AI city site priority for founding new cities
Modio updated to 2023.6.1. This fixes some bugs, allows automatic downloading of subscribed mods and improves mod download speed
Map script mods now allow Infos folder with preload-text, mapOption, mapOptionsMulti and mapOptionsSingle -add xml files
Mods can now have their own xml files override the default xml


Added “Only Show Map Tacks for Worker” UI option to only show improvement pings (map tacks) with an eligible unit selected
Added “Disable environmental sounds” audio option which disables thunder, bird chirps, and a few more environmental sounds
Added “Clear Players” button to network game host player join screen, to allow changing players mid game. Can right click to assign a nation to an AI
Add Urban Worker action now shows border expansion preview and hovering over the action shows the other valid tiles it can be performed in
Enabled uninstall button for map script mods
Added ‘Downloading’ message for automatic modio subscription downloads
Event Editor UI improvements
Tooltips show improvement class instead of improvement where relevant (i.e. Palaces now say they must be adjacent to courthouse class, not courthouse)
Steam Deck control improvements
On monitors with 120+ Hz refresh rates, Frame Limit now defaults to Vsync 2
Default to lower resolution matching aspect ratio on screens higher than 3840×2160
Added + sign to yield predictions for Laws etc
Changed default replay data toggle hotkey from Ctrl+X to Ctrl+Shift+X to make it harder to accidentally trigger
Opinion level tooltips in event subject requirements now display the generic opinion tooltip
Overflow now shown on all production tooltips where relevant
Added Event Browser subject re-ordering tool

Bug Fixes

Fixed improvement filters showing on opponents workers
Fixed ship stacking in city center
Fixed click being triggered on game startup
Fixed some Steam Deck tooltip issues
Fixed Steam Deck unit movement bug
Fixed inaccurate and missing combat modifiers on tile tooltips
Fixed issue with caravans not revealing tiles along their entire movement path
Fixed missing cult improvement effects for Cult of the Mother and Cult of Mithras
Fixed alliance victories not granting achievements
Achievements and scenario progress is now properly updated even if the relevant player is offline when it occurs (fixes achievements for cloud games)
Fixed leaders getting offered traits that make them ineligible to be leader (eloped, imprisoned etc)
Fixed Council project not giving as much Training and Money as advertised and clearing Civics overflow
Fixed check for internet connection
Fixed wrong image being used for unique units in SP setup (affected mods)
Fixed unit widget chevrons disappearing above level 5 (affected mods)
Fixed tech cards sometimes scrolling past borders on SP setup info screen
Fixed some issues relating to undo
Possible fix for server games eventually disappearing
Fixed being able to queue multiple unique projects (ie Found Religion)
Fixed infertile characters becoming pregnant
Fixed shrine links on religion pages in Encyclopedia
Fixed text container sizing issues after UI hiding
Fixed helptext for replay button with replay disabled
Fixed some cases where city yield breakdown text for a different governor was incorrect
Fixed raiders not turning into barbarians when they should
Fixed crash from raider being converted to barbarian mid-movement
Fixed timeline map fog of war after surrender undo
Removed duplicate base yield amount from city yield help text breakdown
Fixed pings not showing up in city tooltip
Fix for Holy Site tooltip if trying to build in a holy city of the wrong religion
Fixed map getting revealed on conquest defeat in single player
Fixed city tooltip sometimes not updating after adding ping
Fixed family data not being assigned to characters in your nation with foreign origins
Handle possible exception from the platform API during DLC check on GoG build
Prevented cities from being founded out of order in Learn to Play 4
Fixed minor city site being removed when city is razed
City Site improvement is added to city site after a city is razed
Fixed resettling the site of a razed city not assigning the old name to the new city
Fixed bug with inconsistent border fill after tile owner change
Fixed AI city site evaluation
Fixed dynasty drop down tooltip on World Map scenario screen
Fixed missing dynasty drop down on Mediterranean scenario screen
Fixed game UI checks for client input
Fixed mission button context menu display
Text and event fixes

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.