Old World Update #109

Headline changes

Alliance Victory is now possible in single player
Minor cities are easier to create
The turn summary popup has been improved


Alliance Victory is now possible in single player (this was previously MP only)
Impassable tiles no longer need to be owned for Minor Cities
Found Religion project cost reduced from 80 to 60 civics
Land tribe units no longer pillage water tiles
Distant raids can now now occur for coastal cities and contain ships of the same type the city is able to build
Added a 10-turn memory for tribal invasions. Truce offers via the Matchmaker event will no longer happen with a recently invaded tribe.
Tribal units are 25% more expensive to hire if the tribe is currently invading you
Tribal leaders are now eligible marriage candidates
Control 3 specialists ambition changed to 5 specialists
Favored laws rebalanced
Chaste trait is no longer a strength
Free ship tech cards will no longer appear until the player owns a coast tile.
Free ships will appear in the player’s borders if possible.
Exploring trait now gives +20XP per turn


AI tile improvement selection improvements
Improved accuracy of AI specialist evaluation
Improved AI water control – now uses ships when a land path is blocked by truced nations
Unity service authentication limited to 5 retries, unless the authentication expired in the middle of a network game. This prevents repeating errors when playing offline.
Converting a server game to cloud now unloads the server


Steam Deck controller improvements
Improved turn summary display and added OK button
Reordered turn summary categories, injuries are now shown above deaths in the turn summary
Added player option to omit replay data from saved games. This will substantially reduce save game file size. Undo and replay data will be held in memory and available during a game session.
Luxury panel now shows happiness/discontent rate for cities, luxury name changed to icon (to prevent overlap issues)
Added tech prereq to ‘free tech’ encyclopedia entries
Damage preview now shows reduction in fortify meter
Carthage scenario 3 now uses a generic progress meter for showing Naval Dominance
Added support for navigating file browser entries with up/down arrow keys
Negative yields no longer shown on tile labels in city screen
Ill, Wounded and Incubated traits now remain after death (to give more clues as to how a character died
Mission target shown on mission buttons when applicable
Missions added via DLC now indicate this in the mission help
Added tooltip for historical info button
All links that open a web browser now display the URL in their tooltip
Confirmation popup on exiting game will no longer appear when the game has just been saved or when a client in a network game
Team games no longer show ‘Waiting for…’ message for players that have been eliminated
Added yield effect of laws to tooltip help text
Improved city help text

Bug Fixes

Fixed progress tooltip for religious ambitions if the ambition has not yet been started
Fixed empty tile tooltips appearing on boundary tiles
Fixed bug with unavailable trait and Semesters turnscale
Fixed helptext for strength breakdown and Tough promotion
Fixed inaccurate governor preview
Fixed specialist and governor yield help text
Fixed some animation/sound/tile text/camera bugs during AI turn
Fixed issue where camera would sometimes pan to a location without showing the unit action
Fixed some minor issues in Carthage scenario 3
Fixed HUD scaling slider value range
Fix for swapping units mid-move-animation leading to incorrect placement of unit icons
Fixed server host not automatically rejoining game after server has been recreated
Fixed some AI thread safety issues
Fixed highlighting behavior on orders widget in no characters mode
Fixed bug with Council yield breakdown
Fixed unit cost increase help
Fixed random and competitive preset options
Fixed Convert to State Religion leader mission
Eliminated tribes no longer generate new leaders
Fix for being offered a foreign leader as a suitor
Fixed searchable dropdown text editing issue in event browser
Draggable click fix
Fixed unit display issues when using GPU animations
Fixed display issues for horses and harbors
Fixed inconsistent play/pause button graphic, turn processing text overlap
Fixed rename city button not working from selected city screen
Fixed resolution getting re-applied on exiting options menu when no options were changed
Fixed hotseat hang when skipping animations
Fixed embedded link helptext issue with goals/ambitions
Fixed tribe alliance icon color
Fixed city production category toggles
Fixed missing icon for ping reminders in turn summary
Fixed city tooltip not populating when accessed via locked tile tooltip
Fixed issue with conditional text not displaying correctly in events
Text and event fixes

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.