Old World Update #107

Headline changes

Improvement pings system added. City planning just got a lot easier!
Family balancing
New events added
Text for all language localizations updated


Cleric seat no longer gets a free Religion on founding. Instead they get access to a one-time city project which founds a religion, available at Developing culture.
Trader cities get Money per Specialist instead of Culture
Sage cities now get a free Archive I and lose the Urban Specialist Cost discount
Statesmen cities get a -25% Specialist Resource Cost and lose the free Treasury I
Bullion Resources have been renamed to Precious Resources. Map scripts amended to make these resources more common.
Discontent penalty for having more citizens than urban tiles removed.
Stunned cooldown now reduces at the start of the player’s turn instead of the end. This prevents teammates from using a stunned unit later in the same turn.
Stunned cooldown now changes to Attacked Cooldown after one turn, for UI clarity.
Damaged Tribal cities no longer produce units. This only affects cities taken over by Tribes, not Tribal camps.
Cities captured by a tribe start at 50% HP
Hurried builds now never have production overflow
Eliminated players in team games will now automatically gift units and goods to their closest teammate
Seaside map script improvements
Better city site generation with hopefully fewer all-flat boring starts
Fixed the random seed for some event bonuses, to reduce undoing and redoing moves in a different order giving a different result

New events

Research at Rest
Three Days of Solace
On the Payroll
Fled in the Night
Sorry State of Furnishings
New Strings
Building Better Governors
Governor School
Governor Training
Heart of the Empire
Glory and Heroes
Tales Spread
Rule of Wisdom
Sow Discord


Memory optimizations
Improved AI getting out of the way of its own units for retreat
AI is more frugal with its yield expenses
AI more likely to choose Tacticians and Zealots as generals
Exposed recruit mercenary legitimacy cost, city build queue decay rate and promotion cost per XP to XML
Optimized load time of Event Browser
Improved raider priorities. They will now move to the target city and are then free to attack units and pillage rather than just attack the city.
AI now properly takes into account the yield consumption cost of free units
Better support for cloud games with multiple players having the same online ID


Improvement pings system added. Click on a tile while holding Alt and select the down arrow. This allows you to plan out your city layout visually.
Text for all language localizations updated
Added hotkey (by default ‘/’ ) to show known visibility of other players. Select a foreign player or unit and press hotkey to highlight tiles they have visibility on.
Placeholder icon added for Rival Player visibility overlay
Added UX to explain to players how to resume construction of a wonder
Pings with a reminder turn now show on the map
Improved ping interactions with animated resources
Scrollbar position now reset when cycling between decisions
Improved clarity of city happiness and discontent bar when level is decreasing
Added outlines to yield progress text on city screen, for readability on happiness bar
Added more descriptive text on religion tab for unfounded religions
Wonders are sorted by culture and appear after other improvements in worker actions
Scenario screen background can change per scenario
Nation help text no longer shows irrelevant information
Added URL field to characters. Some historical characters now have a globe symbol which can be clicked for more information about them.
Undo turn now skips animations for each move.
Advanced Options in Single Player setup are now organized by category
Event Browser tab improvements
Rival player visibility overlay hotkey works with a selected rival unit as well as a selected rival player
Initial tech tree screen position now based on current tech
Removed advanced options from Heroes of the Aegean scenarios that didn’t do anything
Added more custom backgrounds to scenario screens
Law adoption added to timeline
Added lines for opinion thresholds on family opinion graphs
Added subtotal to city yields tooltip, if that yield is being modified
When a theology is established, the establishing nation is now shown in the turn summary message

Bug Fixes

Fixed requirements text sometimes showing in the wrong color
Fixed issue on Epic build that would cause mouse inputs to sometimes not work as intended
Fixed issues with national alliance vision
Fixed Capture Three City ambition for OCC
Fixed Barracks helptext still showing the requirement for a unit to be idle in order to gain XP
Fixed city widget happiness color not applying in some cases
Fixed low level specialist being lost when upgrading improvement
Fixed issue where anchoring radii were culled when they shouldn’t be
Fixed issues with happiness/discontent display
Fixed filename inside zipped save files
Fixed AI being too cautious when capturing cities and sites
Fixed Elephant Panic messing with AI danger tiles cache
Fixed AI build hurrying
Fixed yield previews sometimes getting stuck
Fixed bug with production overflow
Fixed movement pips initializing with wrong rotation
Fix tribe succession issues
Fixed bug with display of culture requirements for free city projects in events
Fixed some units with the siege trait not showing up under the siege filter
Fixed missing subtitle on Barbarian Horde scenario and updated rules text
Fixed display of city gift and luxury menus
Fixed bug with locked save remote server hosting
Fixed bug with Improvements that give Legitimacy
Fixed inconsistent specialist background color on city screen city widget
Fixed bug with animal model display when hiding units
Fixed map pings appearing for all players in MP
Fixed yield rates not updating when connecting hamlets
Fixed tooltip positioning null reference on research popup
Fixed unit cycling after closing popup
Fixed end turn button effect not persisting in some cases
Fixed bug with only one custom mapscript showing
Fixed bug with number of Barbarian camps spawned around player start
Fixed some luxury menu overlap issues in Russian/German
Fixed AI getting Legitimacy in No Characters games
Fixed city tooltip sometimes not updating
Fixed bugs with coastal improvement orientation
Fixed citrus trees missing from groves
Fixed elephant resource model animation
Fixed scrolling sometimes not working in mod manager
Fix for cycling to a stacked unit not always updating the other stacked unit’s banner
Fixed character url links showing in generated character tooltips
Fixed cloud game replay turning active player into observer
Fixed incorrect UI yield values when changing from governors with yield-granting traits
Fixes for Heroes of the Aegean scenario 4 discontent
Fixed Heroes of the Aegean scenario 6 nations not displaying correctly in the Hall of Fame
Fixed distant raids spawning in inaccessible locations
Fixed research button widget error
Fixed issues with holding Alt to see a damage preview for non hostile units. Now works inside neutral borders and with other nations units selected
Fixed mission audio sometimes not playing
Text and event fixes

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.