Old World Update #106

Headline changes

Happiness and Maintenance display changes
Family rebalancing
Fixed terrain display issues for AMD Macs


Traders now get 2 culture per Specialist instead of per bullion Resource
Patrons now get 4 culture per Bullion Resource instead of per specialist
Champions Seat now gets +50% Training (up from 25%)
Clerics now get +1 Happiness (down from +2)
Citizens now give -5 family opinion (up from -1)
Happiness and Discontent changes are now always positive, as is Maintenance.
Happiness / Discontent level bar always increases the level when filling up and reduces it when emptying
Cities now start at Discontent Level 1 (instead of halfway through Level 0, which has been removed)
Agent yield percent now comes from unmodified city yields, excluding city percentage bonuses
Schemer agent yield bonus is now 10% (down from 20%)
Prevented events featuring characters under age 10 where this would not be appropriate
Raiders get less easily distracted by targets that belong to nations other than the one they are supposed to be raiding
Human players now start far away from each other in free for all games unless they are on the same team
AI players always start between humans in games with 2 human teams
Coastal tribes in Continent and Donut map scripts are no longer necessarily mounted
All Sacred and Profane cult improvements are now urban
Removed event triggering the ambition to become The Great
Increased likelihood of autonomous rule follow-up events
Foreign pagan religions now always appear in religion tab when the player owns a city with that religion
Mirror and Balanced Resources added to Bay, Continent, and Donut maps. Balanced Resources added to Seaside. (MP only)
Implemented Item traits – some traits are now classified as Items (Monkey Paw, Sword of the Gods etc)
Conscripts now have Pierce instead of Cleave
Renamed Ratings (Wisdom, Charisma etc) to Attributes.
Barracks/Ranges now always give XP, even if the unit is on cooldown
Added No Unit Gifting game option to MP
New religious units appear on Monasteries, Temples, or Cathedrals instead of the city tile


Performance optimizations
Memory usage reductions
Improvements to network relay server system and connectivity
More robust algorithm for placing free city sites
AI military improvements – better order conservation
AI now avoids fortifying and unlimbering on marsh
AI fort building adjustment
AI somewhat more conservative with its units when not able to get complete kills


Updated Happiness icon
Alt-hover gives damage preview against non-hostile units
Added Accessibility option to disable main menu background scrolling
Added Accessibility option to disable Fog Lightning
Better handling of failing map script mods. Runtime or compilation failures should not result in main menu failures.
Changed context menus to expand downwards by default instead of upwards
Movement pips are now shown for allied tribe units
Enabled mods and game version now shown in game parameters
LAN matches no longer shown on main menu, only on the LAN games browser
Event Browser redesign and improvements
Always show all options in Play by Cloud username dropdown, with options that match input field sorted to the top (Steam only)
Changed the in-event text for a mission triggered via a mission from ‘Mission Finished:’ to ‘Mission Result:
Added icon to MP game browser linking to Discord
Remote servers of a different version are now excluded from the list of them
Games hosted by remote server update the game’s server password
Clear selection hotkey also clears tech tree and other screens
Allow hotkeys to function when research popup is up
Color coding changes to city widget
Added reminder for adopting state religion
Removed positive + sign from many yields
Allowed tab panel to stretch if minimap is minimized

Bug Fixes

Fixed Mac AMD bug with missing terrain
Fixed Mac AMD terrain holes
Fixed player characters adopting a foreign family on marriage
Fixed bug with character age sorting
Fixed bug where uninitialized city screen could appear at start of turn
Fixed potential lock on SP setup screen
Fixed orders rate not updating UI after Schemer war declaration
Fixed multiple goods gifts not showing in notifications
Fixes cloud game failing to upload when illegal characters used in game name
Fixed several tooltip scaling issues
Fixed city screen and tech screen top offset for different scaling/resolutions
Fixed bugs with Carthage scenarios 1 and 2 which could prevent goals from appearing
Fixed bug with specialist border expansion preview when cycling away from a city
Fixed ZOC overlay for mounted units
Fixed polygamy bug
Fixed issue with inconsistent ping heights
Fixed Builder leader stacked workers getting prematurely bounced after finishing an improvement
Fixed map editor errors
Fixed issue where ruins particle effect played when selecting foreign units
Removed duplicated technology entries from the Encyclopedia
Critical hit preview option fixes
Fixed Unique Unit city build and upgrade help for captured cities with Citadels but not Strong culture
Fixed agent yield bug
Fixed Religious Council ambition bug
Fixed discontent from governor opinion
Fixed doubled courtier prereq helptext
Fixed some tab panel selection/hover issues
Fixed some events immediately being invalid upon being triggered when the player has no city yet
Fixed AI discontent value
Fixed research tech button tooltip exception
Removed misleading default green color from “Requires” text in event options
Fixed tooltip consistency issues on tech tree status icons
Fixed issue where clicks over non-link text would not trigger buttons
Fixed free city site sometimes not being revealed
Fixed scrollbar position not resetting cycling between decisions
Fixed some button-text click interactions
Fixed agent icon on city widget not appearing for teammate agents
Fixed tribe alliance visibility issue
Fixed host connection indicator in MP clients
Fixed unit movement rings display for teammates with No Team Movement option enabled
Fixed issue where tile widgets showed specialists on tiles without resources after entering/exiting a city with the Resource Improvements overlay toggled
Fixed bug allowing leader to also be the heir
Fixed rare Heroes of the Aegean scenario 1 bug granting victory on turn 2
Fixed popups breaking the undo/redo queue
Fixed ALT for tooltip not working when hovering over city links
Fixed Barbarian Horde scenario not appearing in MP setup
Fixed city money display bug
Fixed Continent and Donut map script player start restrictions which sometimes were impossible to fulfill
Fixed events not being deterministic
Fixed icons sometimes not showing on loading screen tips
Fixed replay data getting discarded for no reason – should help with cases where replay doesn’t work after loading a save
Fixed the AI unlimbering when it’s better to heal
Fixed AI declaring war on tribes for no reason
Fixed out of date Aristocracy help text
Fixed owned DLC always getting enabled when loading a save where it had been disabled
Fixed text bug – different -> similar when opinion modifier is positive
Fixed luxuries panel potentially going off screen at high HUD scale
Fixed potential crash when razing a city – caused an issue in Heroes of the Aegean scenario 5.
Text and event fixes

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About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.