Old World Update #105

Headline changes

New Bay mapscript added
Added Happiness
Family bonuses rebalanced
Fixed longstanding bug with tooltips sometimes not appearing when hovering over links


New Bay mapscript added. This is a temperate coastal map broken up by a large but shallow inland sea
Added Happiness. Cities now have a Happiness level with positive happiness which changes to a Discontent level when happiness is negative. This changes the presentation of discontent but has no mechanical effect.
Hunters no longer get a bonus to Nets (they still get their Camp bonus)
Traders now have +100% Nets output instead of faster Hamlet growth
The Lighthouse now gives faster Hamlet growth in all cities instead of +5 money per specialist.
Landowners now get +5 Money per farm instead of +20 Money from Crops
Orators now give +1 Order per Friendly city (down from +2)
Families get -1 opinion per turn without a leader from that family
Citizens now give -1 Family Opinion (down from -5)
Ranged units no longer get a land/water penalty attacking ships, but an extra tile is added to the range for calculating damage.
Ships no longer have the Brave and Shieldbearer promotions available
Disciples now consume Food
Induct into Clergy now can be applied to all characters except Oligarchs, Dukes, or Princes
Removed clergy rating yield bonuses, removed money upkeep cost, religion opinion bonus set to 30
Renamed The Great Ziggurat to The Ziggurat
Combat damage now rounds up after collateral modifier instead of before. The effect of this is to increase splash damage (pierce, cleave, shrapnel etc) by 1 in some circumstances.
Can no longer stun units in cities
Competitive mode now prevents events that give free Laws without the prerequisite tech
Production cost increase of Settlers, Workers, and Disciples is now per unit type. This means the cost of a Disciple is only increased by the number of Disciples you have previously built in that city and is no longer effected by previous worker or settler builds.
Razing a city gets pillage yields from all improvements before destroying them
Teenagers can now adopt a religion
Scouts in foreign territory that are hidden due to a Schemer leader no longer get pushed out on war declaration
The Old World map updated to fix disconnected sea tile that could strand ships
Imperium Romanum map updated to allow passage between the Bay of Biscay and the Alboran Sea
The Middle East premade map updates
Launch Offensive will also reset Rout Cooldown
Preset characters are less likely to become religion heads
Can swap unit tiles with teammates, even with No Team Movement option selected
Slander mission is now available to use against human players
Multiplayer games with more than two teams but only two human teams have the human teams placed at the extreme edges of the map, with AI teams in the center
Added notification to player when someone stealing their research was exposed
Disabled the Imprison mission in Heroes of the Aegean scenario 4


Re-enabled network system changes to match test branch
Memory and performance improvements
Reduced performance cost of toggling ruins pickup particle effects when selecting or deselecting units
AI economy improvements:

  • Science valued more, Discontent valued less
  • Walls valued less in non-border cities
  • Trees more likely to be preserved for lumbermills
  • Wartime economy no longer triggered just by Tribe wars, allowing development to continue
  • Fixed a bug that caused citizens to be overvalued
  • Avoid placing Courthouses on tiles that can’t have adjacent Courthouse class improvements
  • Prefer Granaries and Mills where they have immediate effect to adjacent tiles, instead of potential effect

More AI optimizations
Fixed AI anchoring bug
Correction to AI value for improvements that grant free units
Revised AI family selection to take into account the possibility of negative tile modifiers
AI effectCity value improvements
Parallelized some event and mission calculations to speed up interturn processing
Better default mapscript support for mods that add new Tribes
Removed hardcoded tribe placement from most map scripts
Added tribe preferred terrain, used by map scripts for tribe placement
Improved tribe placement algorithm


Added Owned DLC indicator to main menu
Added Select DLC option to Advanced Setup when starting a game. This allows disabling of owned DLC on a per game basis.
Removed workshop mod subscription check when there are no mod subscriptions
For server games, entering an incorrect host password no longer joins the game without host access
New console command: addcharacter CHARACTER_TYPE (playerID) (FAMILY_TYPE)
Reduced size of hamlet development world text
Description of effect for defending family units updated
Revised competitive mode help text
Custom reminder now shown in turn summary
Play/Win LAN mode achievements have been combined with Play/Win Network mode. Network OR LAN mode now give the Network achievements
New achievement added – The Royal Couple
Reversed Units Killed ranking in Records screen – you are now allocated a higher rank for losing less units.
Show disabled wonders with an appropriate explanation tooltip if the Wonder filter is selected
Removed multiplayer network games that are still active are re-listed automatically
City widgets are now updated after council assignments to account for changes in city yields
Added subject prerequisite helptext for job, council, and courtier subjects
Added notifications of mod xml issues
Added turn timer text between turns so players don’t expect to be able to act when turn is processing
Updated Turn Style help
Added city yield floating text on start of turn
Undo/redo no longer clears unit selection
Cover Debt warnings for Training/Civics now show up in the Turn Summary
Only trigger city selection sound if not cycling from another city
Changed default MP nation to Pick Later.
Removed yieldPositive check from most UI text coloring (this fixes negative discontent appearing green instead of red)
Moved city widget citizen/specialist/happiness item type assignment to ClientUI.start for easier modding

Bug Fixes

Fixed longstanding bug with tooltips sometimes not appearing when hovering over links
Fixed Hide Vegetation not hiding Trees
Fixed city site green highlight appearing when there is no visibility on site
Fixed City Luxury Assignment text overlap
Fixed attack preview not working when hovering over unit banners
Fixed some issues with missing nation colors on icons
Fixed some context menu behavior
Fixed missing text icons for suppress dissent projects
Fixed null ref/missing reference when changing dropdown options
Changed lifetime management and initialization of unit widgets to potentially avoid some errors
Fixed state religion goal being offered if the player has that state religion
Fixed mission button opinion values being split over two lines
Fixed new cloud game not uploading when loaded from disk and it’s not the host’s turn
Fixed tracker promotion not taking immediate effect
Fixed rare Heroes of the Aegean scenario 1 bug
Heroes of the Aegean scenario 4 fixes
Fixed mission button text issues
Fixed some slowdown on MP setup screen
Fix for {LANDMARK} event text tag use on maps that use strings for map element names
Fixed clear active context menus when clicking off UI
Fixed null reference error when dropdown options change
Fixed searchable dropdowns not selecting properly
Fixed some text issues for games with different players using different languages
Fixes to keep replay data from being discarded
Removed error from loading old saves
Fixed possible use of rapid clicking to buy orders with legitimacy more than once per turn
Fixed occasional text overflow when hovering over city queue progress
Fixed some issues with visibility
Fixed some action button hover issues
Fixed highlight effects not working on some context menu buttons
MP games browser fix for the new network system
Fixed network games not being removed from list on exit
Fixed some events not listing all possible requirements
Fixed teams turnstyle cloud games uploading on exit, even without ending turn
Fixed duplicate text when hovering over the Release General command
Fixed popups not being processed by the client in multiplayer
Fixed some leader diplomacy missions showing incorrectly
Fixed leader-based stats showing on Records screen with No Characters
Fixed rivers and surrounding trees flickering on undo
Fixed mission popups not appearing when not your turn
Fixed Ascetic characters having children through events
Fixed invalid characters in custom reminders blocking turn end
Fixed death event sort orders
Fixed tutor notification turn in semester turn scale
Fixed error on starting Learn by Playing 2
Fixed SteamInput errors on shutdown
LTP3 minor text fixes
Fixed cloud access errors on server list screen
Fixed Game Uploading popup sticking after setting up server game
Fixed server game unloading
Fixed null/missing ref when UI element is destroyed while hovering over it
Map scrolling bug fix for controllers
Fixed victory conditions ignoring options save and always defaulting to on in MP setup
Correction to Civics yield help text
Fixed display issue for event bonuses to all cities that differ by culture level
Fixed AI sometimes pillaging its own forts
Fix for animation sometimes skipping during AI turn
Fixed repair preview not accounting for base 1 HP repair
Fixed network games not getting relisted after a network outage
Fixed culture rate/progress not being shown on the culture tooltip of foreign cities with agents
Text and event fixes

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.