Old World Update #103


City Discontent Level can now go negative.
Negative discontent level gives bonuses to growth and reduces maintenance. Positive discontent level no longer reduces growth.
Discontent increase rate reduced by 4 on all difficulty levels.
Citizens now give -5 family opinion
Repair project is now 1 + (10% of HP)/turn instead of (20% of HP)/turn
Heroes of the Aegean 1 scenario improvements
New tutorial event that warns against using a single family
Diplomats can now be the Governor of any city


Performance improvements
AI no longer builds so many forts and defends them more
AI water control improvements
AI knows to use anchored boats as a shortcut for its units, even if the two land points being bridged are on the same land mass.
If you steal a city site from the AI, it will won’t hold back from stealing one of yours


New network system enabled. This adds support for LAN games and should improve network game stability.
Added Portuguese to available languages
New World Map icon added
Added a Random Ruins button to map editor
Updated Modio logos
Changed agent selection from click to ctrl+click to be consistent with governor selection behavior
Include agent’s city in idle agent reminders
Foreign characters no longer shown in mission target lists
Inheritance screen now shows all branches that contain a character in the line of succession
Added family archetype multipliers to their tooltips
Steam Input improvements
System time in the UI now takes timezone into account, relevant when the BIOS time is in UTC

Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous event fixes and rebalancing
Fixed worker button text wrapping incorrectly in some cases
Fixed AI threading issue
Fixed nested link issue for some characters in turn summary text
Fixed border expansion/yield previews sometimes not clearing after starting a build
Fixed context buttons for some missions with own leader selected
Fixed modal decision undo/redo
Fixed trade network bug
Fixed issues causing replay data to be discarded unnecessarily
Fixed options reset not saving default hotkeys
Fixed turn being skipped after turn timer is turned on
Fixed breaking menu behavior between map editor/event browser
City ownership change triggers an immediate mission check, in case it was being pacified, for example
Fixed Learn to Play 5 event text and missing notification icon issues
Fixed some cases where idle councilors wouldn’t have their position shown
Fixed game restart fail when mods are loaded
Fixed governor help text issues
Expose agent mission text fixes
Fix for choice_ tags not working when subject not found;
Bones no longer appear on water
Fixed AI bug of overestimating damage when multiple units are used in an attack
Missing art for Free Longbowman and Worker traits added

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.