Old World Update #100


Allied tribal units now count for flanking purposes
Units Enlisted via a Zealot leader are now healed to half health but start on cooldown
Fort build time in neutral territory increased from 1 to 2
Made traits that replace each other and have negative opinions of each other 1:1, new trait opinion pairings added
Free laws from events no longer require having the prerequisite tech
Reworked some events so Tribes won’t give you a chance for truce/peace if you are at war with their ally
Mourning trait now gives 25XP/turn
New spymaster mission – Expose Agent Network (requires Scholarship)
New agent mission – Move Agent Network (requires Manor)
Free Longbowman bonus tech added (requires Bodkin Arrow)
Ambition tier and weight adjustments


Improvements to AI
Steam workshop mod subscriptions are not installed until opening the Mods screen, show a notification when installing and install faster
Team cloud games now allow teammates to play their turns in any order
Added support for alternative historical names for characters
Added Egyptian font support
Achievements – “Leader Count” achievement now “Ten Crowns” achievement


Removed some irrelevant mission targets from action menus (e.g. under 18 characters for missions that target adults, religion head for conversion missions)
Traits that change ratings (i.e. Wisdom) now show the yield difference from having the trait and not having it, rather than what another bonus would give
Encyclopedia now shows tech prereqs for laws
Added star next to players whose turn it is in cloud games (mainly helpful for team games)
Family tree UI amendments to highlight leader and heirs
Map dimensions added to map size tooltip
Added searchable dropdown for Steam friends in Cloud game setup on Steam
Added tech prerequisites to mission help
Default key mappings changed – Q/E now cycles tabs, with arrow keys or A/D cycling cities instead
Opinion triangle shown on general portrait for selected unit
Improved Hall of Fame scenario helptext

Bug Fixes

Localization text fixes
Miscellaneous event fixes
Possible fix to intermittent issue with tooltip links not displaying
Fixed replay data being discarded for cloud games
Fixed unit animation in replay
Fixed ‘press Alt to buy goods’ help text
Fixed Roman army moving before it should have done in Learn to Play 5
Fixed Alexander the Who achievement not triggering in some cases
Fixed resources becoming transparent when occupied by units where player has no visibility
Fixed incorrect interaction between ballista and city widget
Unit widgets now start with the correct mouse-over color without being selected
Fixed Map Editor save bug
Fixed duplicate floating text on replay for team games
Fixed scenario icons on the scenario menu
Fixed bug allowing characters to gain more than 3 strengths
Amended the order of War/Truce/Peace so they appear in a more logical manner in event requirements
Fixed Learn to Play 4 completion achievement not triggering
Fixed Learn to Play 4 tribal truce mission not completing
Fixed issue with Destroy Rivals ambition
Fixed timing of unit heal effects to appear after movement animation when follow unit actions is off
Fixed Learn by Playing scenarios not using intended settings
Fixed some text appearing in host language for multiplayer clients
Fixed some terrain camera issues at max zoom
Fixed issues with unit icon display
Fixed issues with characters sometimes being hidden in the family tree
Fixed city capture not updating city border symbols
Fixed event requirements incorrectly showing in red when requirement is met
Fixed units appearing to be standing on water in some cases
Fixed issue with old characters not becoming infertile
Fixed wonder started notifications zooming to location of wonder
Fixed bug with character undo
Fixed border expansion preview not being removed when changing from an urban building to a rural in the worker action tab
Fixed units losing visibility when using undo/redo
Fixed issue where events could appear before turn start notifications
Fixed resource unit occupancy transparency disregarding unit visibility
Fixed character death notifications not appearing until the following turn when a character dies during a turn
Fixed invalid bonus cards appearing in Scholar redraw discard pile
Fixed flickering issue from hovering over improvement recommendations
Fixed F1 not working on some tile tooltip links
Fixed worker recommendations sometimes not updating after starting other improvements
Teammates can no longer move another players allied tribal units when No Team Movement option is set

Old World is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.