Old World Update #98

Highlighted Changes:

Reduced number of improvements required for some ambitions
Allied nations can use each others anchored ships for movement
Theology tiers now require specific techs to become available
National alliances allow units to benefit from being in allied territory, and move allied units
Eloped events have been reworked
Added upkeep details to Choose Law events
Improvements to AI retreat behavior
Multiplayer scenarios are now hidden in the single-player scenarios menu
Balance adjustments to Carthage 4 Scenario
Greece 4: theaters and baths now give + influence
Adjustments to easiest difficulty for Greece 3

Improvements to performance

Improvements to Steam Deck keyboard interface
Event options are now only auto-selected on Steam Deck

Bug Fixes:
Various text and event fixes
Localization improvements
Pagan religions will still show on religion list when player loses all cities following that religion
Fixed oversized religion icons on city sites
Fixed issue where ships could anchor on land tiles
Minor fixes to Mediterranean and Middle-East Maps
Fixed workers that were not always continuing construction after being damaged
Fixed issue with city text not properly wrapping
Fixed game mode not being set when navigating to cloud games screen via main menu
Fixed yield rates not updating after undoing Council queue
Improvements to flickering when hovering over unit healthbar
Fixed issue where left click was sometimes registered twice
Fixed Learn to Play notifications appearing behind other windows
Overlay keyboard shortcuts now showing again in Learn to Play
Fixed border expansion preview not always showing
Fixed crash caused by player not having a nation
Reminder notifications now updating when character traits change (i.e. Child goes exploring and becomes ineligible for tutoring)
Fixed logic for disabling add general button
Fixed family selection not being changeable in pick later menu

For even more detailed build change information please read the full update notes.

Old World is availalbe on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.