Old World Update #95

Highlighted Changes:

Urban tiles now give free roads
Wonder locations are now only revealed when finished
Robust trait is now +1 Orders as Governor, +0.5 Orders per city as Leader
Tactician Leader General: now has -20% attack strength (instead of -20% combat strength)
Orator Governors: -1 Discontent/Culture Level
Judge Governors: Can Hurry Projects and Specialists with Money
Patrons: Each City gets a Literature Luxury
Traders: get +2 Culture per Bullion (instead of Orders), On seat founded add Fair
Landowners: now get +20 Money per Crop
Orthodoxy: Cities with State Religion can Hurry Production (instead of Specialists) with Orders
Engineering Law: Can now bridge rivers on both sides
Regents no longer change the succession (they only occupy the leader position)
Mounted units no longer advance unless they can Rout
Adjustments to ship promotions
Reduced frequency of distant raids
Religion spread is now impacted by the size of the map
Hold Court mission now has a 20% chance to find a new Courtier
Various fixes to the Carthage Scenario

Improvements to Multiplayer, including improvements for people have trouble with late game network games locking at the end of the turn
Improved visibility of roads, rivers and borders on forest tiles
Improved support for mapscripts modding

Added performance warning for laptops on battery power
Exiting to the main menu via the victory event from a scenario loads the scenario screen
Added setting to skip rename landmark popups
Disabled network, server, and cloud MP buttons (with a tooltip warning) when no internet connection is detected
Improvements to interface for Steam Deck

Bug Fixes:
Fixed ignore luxury reminder reset being triggered whenever orders were used
Game no longer opens Encyclopedia with F1 if no entry is available
Fixed issue where game loss event popup did not always trigger

For even more detailed build change information please read the full update notes.

Old World is availalbe on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.