Heroes of the Aegean DLC Released, Now Available on Steam and GoG

Less than a year after its release in July 2021, Mohawk Games’ 4X strategy title, Old World, launches on Steam and GOG on Thursday, May 19th! Hailed as PC Gamer’s 2021 Strategy Game of the Year, Old World has evolved greatly from its inception by Design Director Soren Johnson (Civilization III, Civilization IV, Offworld Trading Company) and by the talented team at Mohawk Games. Since last summer, the team has improved gameplay and added hundreds of new narrative events, bringing the event total to over 3,500. The May 19th release introduces our first DLC, Heroes of the Aegean, which includes two major additions: the six scenario Greek campaign and the eagerly-awaited new playable nation, the Hittites.

At the helm of the Hittites is the warlike Hattusili I, Old World’s first leader to feature the Judge archetype. With the Kussaran family, the Hittites’ Riders class, players can make great use of the nation’s Unique Units: the Heavy Chariot and the Three-Man Chariot. Hittite units are especially mobile since they can all remove vegetation and ignore movement costs on Hills. Having removed his sons from the succession, Hattusili starts with a vengeful family and his young grandson as the heir, which creates a dynamic starting situation for the player.

With an emphasis on variety, players of Heroes of the Aegean can recreate the Battle of Thermopylae, witness the ascension of Philip II and his mysteriously motivated assassination, experience cameos of famous historical figures, and more. Fans of tactical combat will enjoy the set-piece battles of the second scenario, while cloak-and-dagger politics of the fourth scenario cater to fans of the robust event system. In a more structured campaign setting, Heroes of the Aegean echoes the base game by prioritizing transparency and player preference: certain scenarios with overlapping time frames can be played interchangeably, and the final scenario’s four choices for playable sides offers differing difficulty levels and ways to win the crown.

At the forefront of Old World has always been a deep appreciation for the lesser-known parts of history. We hope that these new additions to the game on May 19th cultivates this reverence and excitement for our players! Are you ready to seize the crown and lead your dynasties to victory?

The Heroes of the Aegean DLC is available for free to all previous owners of the game and, for two weeks, to all new purchasers. Old World can be purchased on Steam and GOG or the Epic Games Store. For more information about the game, read the original launch post here, or join our Discord! Build notes for release can be found here.