Old World Update #77

An Update:
To all our fans thank you for the continued support, as we approach the new year we will be reducing the frequency of updates. We will be moving to semi-monthly builds. Update #78 will be November 17th, 2021. You can always find us on Discord if you have any issues or feedback to report.

Highlighted Changes:

  • It is now possible to play the Barbarian Horde Scenario with any Map Script (Raiders will cross water)
  • Added “New Map” setting: starts a new game with current settings
  • Adjusted “Restart Game” setting: Replay this game from the beginning
  • Minimum Setting added to terrain graphics option
  • 28 New events added

For more detailed build change information please read the full update notes.

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About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.