Old World Update #65

Highlighted Changes:

  • Player order in hotseat and play-by-cloud games is no longer necessarily grouped by team
  • Host can now kick other player from Network Multiplayer Games
  • It is now possible to load Play by Cloud games when it is not your turn in observer mode
  • “Center Bias” Map Script Option has been removed from the game
  • “None” AI development no longer gives free improvements and specialists
  • Hotkey support has been added

  • Religion Panel is updated:
    • clicking follower characters now seelcts the character
    • clicking on follower cities now centers the city on camera
  • Help has been added to tech cards by hovering on the “?” at the top left of the card
  • Added game parameter tooltip to network games lobby
  • Fixed year displaying as double its value (ie turns) in Semester turn scale
  • Improvements to performance including AI turns
  • Adjusted Mirror map setting so the start positions are more symetrical
  • Adjusted the ratio of barbarians and tribes in mirror map setting
  • Urban tiles around city sites are now mirrored using the mirror map setting

For more detailed build change information please read the full update notes.


About Old World

Set in classic antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X strategy game created by Soren Johnson (Lead Designer, Civilization IV). Players select a historical leader and use the innovative Orders system to dominate the competition. Leaders are mortal; once they die, the nation’s future depends on their heirs.