Found Carthage in the first Old World Campaign

We are proud to launch another way to experience Old World – introducing the game’s history-inspired Carthage Campaign! Across multiple scenarios, you will take Carthage from a small colony on the North African coast to a mighty empire that shapes the course of human history.

The first scenario, Ox Hide, takes players to the beginnings of Carthage. The year is 814 BCE as Phoenician Queen Dido discovers that her brother, a king known for his ruthlessness, has murdered her husband. Fearing for her life, Dido flees the city of Tyre with her followers and heads west, eventually landing on the African coast.

A local ruler tells Dido she may settle there with her people, but only on the land that one ox hide will cover. Dido accepts the deal before shrewdly cutting an ox hide into very thin strips, to surround a larger area. Thus begins Qart-Hadasht – the “New City” in Phoenician.

Several generations later, Carthage is ready to expand and become more than a source of tribute for the local tribes. Will you ensure the survival of Carthage and put it on a path to independence and prosperity?

Pursue Empire Goals: Twelve scenario goals await. Some goals will be dictated by your circumstances, and others will be chosen by you. Political savvy will be required as your noble families won’t always agree on the path Carthage should take!

Stand Up To Tribes: The young nation of Carthage is weaker than Libyan tribes to the southeast and the Numidians to the west. Will you pay tribute to secure peace, or will you dare to challenge the tribes in open combat?

Build An Economy: Carthage begins as a fledgling colony with a humble economy. Tyre, the mother city, continues to seek tribute. Will you pay? How will you ensure Carthage’s prosperity?

The Ox Hide scenario features custom events to immerse you in its history, while still retaining the rich event and character systems of Old World, letting the scenario play out in many different ways.

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