Old World Update #50

For more details, read the full update notes.


A new scenario is available on the Main Branch! Click here to learn more about Carthage – Ox Hide!

  • Rider Families now gain +10 opinion per General
  • Patron Families now gain +10 opinion per Governor
  • Statesmen Families now lose -20 opinion if your Leader is not an adult
  • Judge Leaders now grant +40 Civics per turn (Judge Leaders can no longer store 10 Orders between turns)
  • Schemer Leaders now receive 5 Orders for each Legitimacy point spent when using Legitimacy to buy orders
  • Diplomat Leaders now gain +60 opinion with all other leaders (Up from +40)
  • All Urban improvements now extend the Trade Network
  • Tribal allies now have the ability to pillage
  • Units can now move across water tiles owned by players you are at Peace with