Old World Update #48

For more details, read the full update notes.


  • A new mission is available: Hold Court
    • This mission is unlocked via the Scholarship Technology
    • This mission has a 75% chance of holding court (Rewards the player 60 Civics) and a 25% chance of resulting in a ‘Hold Court’ event
    • This mission is started via the Leader of your Nation, your Leader gains +20 XP upon completing the mission
    • This mission costs 200 Training and 2 Orders to start, and takes 2 turns to complete
  • Some technology changes have been made
    • The Ramparts Technology has been removed
    • The ‘Walls’ project is now unlocked via the Polis Technology
    • Forts are now unlocked via the Stonecutting Technology
    • The Free Archer bonus technology card is now unlocked via the Composite Bow technology
    • The Composite Bow Technology now requires Military Drill (Previously required Polis)
    • The Portcullis technology now requires Drama (Previously required Polis)