The Barbarian Horde Arrives!

The Barbarian Horde has arrived in Old World! The first of several scenarios to be introduced, The Barbarian Horde is a survival mode that tasks the player (or players, in co-op) with building up their nation and defending it against a massive invasion by barbarian raiders.

While a standard game of Old World sees the player pursue a variety of goals while conducting diplomacy and warfare with rival nations, the player’s sole ambition in The Barbarian Horde is to survive the impending raid. Still fully intact are the game’s dynamic event system and the rich characters and families that arise from it, so the player will have plenty to keep them busy while dealing with the growing hostilities from their tribal neighbors. Several new events and new artwork specific to The Barbarian Horde have been added.

In addition to providing a hefty single-player challenge, The Barbarian Horde can be played cooperatively in one of many multiplayer modes, including network, hot-seat, and play-by-cloud. Players each control their own nation but share the goal of defending their coalition from the invaders. Game difficulty affects how many raiders players will face, depending on how punishing they want the experience to be. Will you survive The Barbarian Horde?