Old World Update #47

For more details, read the full update notes.

The Barbarian Horde scenario is now available on the Main Branch! To learn more about the Barbarian Horde scenario, please visit this page.


  • A new achievement has been added
    • Have Ten Leaders (in one game)
  • Play By Cloud Multiplayer Games have been disabled on the Test Branch
    • This change was made to address version mismatch issues that are caused by multiple players using different branches
    • Play By Cloud Multiplayer games will remain available on the Main Branch
  • The ‘Enemy of the State’ trait has been removed
    • This trait was replaced with ‘Fugitive’ where applicable


  • The Stronghold improvement model and icon have been updated
  • The Nomad Warlord unit model and formation have been updated
  • The Maceman unit has received a texture polish pass and now displays team color textures