Old World Update #44

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Players can now abandon Ambitions
    • To abandon an ambition, simply hover over the ambition and click the ‘X’ button
    • Abandoning an ambition costs 5 Legitimacy
  • Some Wonders have been updated
    • The Apadana: Now grants +20 Global Civics, and grants -50% Maintenance costs to all cities
    • The Great Ziggurat: Now grants +20 Global Civics
    • The Circus Maximus/The Pantheon:  Now grant +40 Global Training
    • The Hagia Sofia: -2 Discontent per year [All Cities]
    • The Mausoleum: +50% Culture [All Cities]
    • The Musaeum: Grants +50% science to the city it is built in
    • The Necropolis: All Temples grant -1 Discontent
  • The Isolationism law has been renamed to Autarky
  • The Autarky law now grants -50% maintenance costs to all cities
  • The Volunteers Law upkeep cost is now Medium Civics
  • The ‘Swift’ trait has been updated
    • Leaders with the Swift trait grant all units +1 to their fatigue limit
    • Generals with the Swift trait get 1 additional move per Order
  • The ‘Hardy’ unit promotion has been removed