Old World Update #42

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Characters now have a maximum of 5 traits
  • Agent Yields are now affected by their opinion
  • Religious Disciples now produce yields when standing on Religious improvements
    • Disciples standing on a Monastery produce +1 Science per turn
    • Disciples standing on a Temple produce +5 Money per turn
    • Disciples standing on a Cathedral produce +1 Order per turn
  • General Traits (Tough, Highlander, Besieger, etc.) now apply to all units if the Leader has those traits
  • Per city bonuses for events are now adjusted for inflation
  • Landowner Families now grant +2 Culture per crop
    • The following resources are considered crops: Wheat, Barley, Sorghum and Citrus
  • Trader Families now grant +20 Money per bullion
    • The following resources are considered bullion: Gems, Gold, Silver and Pearls
  • A new mission has been added: High Synod
    • The mission has a chance of positively or negatively impacting your Religion’s opinion of you, or it can trigger a ‘High Synod’ event
    • This mission is unlocked by the Doctrine technology, requires an Ambassador and costs 2 Orders to start