Old World Update #40

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Egypt has a new faction perk
    • -25% cost for paired adjacent improvements
    • Egypt no longer receives +40% yields from Quarries built on rivers
  • The Commander’s ability to hurry City Production with Orders has been changed to only apply to the Capital City
  • Commander Leaders can now use the Launch Offensive ability
    • This ability has been removed from Tactician leaders and replaced with the flanking bonus
  • Tactician Leaders now receive a +20% combat strength bonus when flanking
    • Flanking occurs when attacking an enemy unit with a friendly unit on the opposite side
  • Governors opinions now affect Discontent and Growth
  • Generals opinions now affect unit strength
  • The Tyranny Law now grants +10 Money per year per Military unit in Territory and +20 training per turn
  • The Divine Rule law now grants +1 Order per Friendly City