Old World Update #38

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Players can now convert characters in their Nation to their State Religion
    • This requires the Metaphysics Technology
  • Some Archetypes now provide additional buffs if the character is serving as a Governor
    • Builder Governors: -1 Turn to build Improvements
    • Judge Governors: Can hurry Specialists with Money
    • Orator Governors: +20 Family Opinion
    • Scholar Governors: -1 Discontent per Archive
  • Judge Leaders can no longer hurry specialists with money
  • Failing to complete a Legacy Ambition now costs -5 Legitimacy
  • Champion Family Seats (The first city founded with a Champions family) now start with a Garrison
  • A new mission has been added: Intercession
    • This mission costs 250 Money and 2 Orders to start, and is carried out by the Head of your Religion
    • Players can start the mission by selecting a Family Oligarch and choosing “Intercession via [Religion Patriarch/Matriarch]” 
    • This mission can result in the targeted character gaining a positive opinion modifier with your leader, or it can result in an Intercession event
    • Your Religious Matriarch/Patriarch must be Pleased with you to start this mission