Old World Update #31

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Ancient Ruins now leave behind urban tiles after being explored
  • The Via Recta Souk now unlocks caravans in the city it is built in
  • Tactician and Hero Leader General abilities have been swapped
    • Tactician General (If Leader:)  Can launch offensive
    • Hero General (If Leader:) Stuns target
  • Leaders with the Judge archetype can now store 10 Orders between turns
  • Leaders with the Orator archetype now get a +40 opinion bonus with all families 
  • Units with the ‘Herbalist’ promotion now heal +5 HP when healed
  • Players now have 20 turns to complete Legacy Ambitions
  • The Infiltrate mission now costs 400 Money and 2 Orders to start
  • All mounted units now get a 50% bonus against Siege units in melee combat
  • Crossbows, Polybolos and Ballistas are now considered 1-tile ranged units