Old World Update #23

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Players can now choose to delay making an ambition decision for 5 years
  • Increased the amount of XP earned for serving as a Governor
  • Various Mission Orders costs have been increased
  • The Patron Family Seat bonus has been updated
    • The Family Seat (The first city given to the Patron Family) will now gain +20 Orders and -1 Discontent Level per Culture Event
  • Culture generated from Poets has been reduced
    • Apprentice Poets produce 3 Culture per year (Down from 4)
    • Master Poets produce 4 Culture per year (Down from 6)
    • Elder Poets produce 5 Culture per year (Down from 8)
  • Hunting Shrines now give an XP bonus (+10 XP/Year) to Ranged units stationed on the tile
    • Shrine of Diana, Shrine of Neith
  • Healing Shrines now heal units (+5 HP) stationed on the tile
    • Shrine of Eshmun, Shrine of Isis