Old World Update #15

For more details, read the full update notes.


  • The Multiplayer Mod has been removed and replaced with a No Characters option
    • This option removes characters and families from the game
    • This option can be used in Single Player games, it is located in the Advanced Setup tab
    • This option will be automatically enabled during Multiplayer game setup (Players will need to delete their existing GameOptionsSave.xml file for this change to take place, or it can be set manually during Multiplayer game setup. Multiplayer is available in the opt-in Test Branch.)
  •  Courtiers now have tutor missions
    • These missions can be activated by selecting a child that can be tutored, and then selecting ‘Tutor via [Courtier]’ – or by selecting a Courtier and then selecting ‘Tutor [Child]’ 
    • These missions have varied chances to raise one of the child’s stats – these chances increase based on the stat ratings of the chosen courtier
    • It costs 500 Money and 1 Order to start one of these missions 
  • A new resource has been added: Lavender
    • This resource grants culture when harvested (this amount varies depending on how close the resource is to your territory)
    • This resource grants the player a luxury once it has been improved with a Grove