Old World Update #14

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • The strength of the Battering Ram has been increased to 6 (Up from 3)
  • The strength of the Siege Tower has been increased to 8 (Up from 4)
  • The strength of the Light Chariot has been increased to 6 (Up from 5)
  • The strength of the Kushite Cavalry has been increased to 8 (Up from 7)
  • The Assault unit effect now grants +50% strength bonus when attacking into Urban tiles
  • The following units now gain +20% strength versus damaged units
    • Palton Cavalry
    • Cataphract Archer
  • The following units now do splash damage when attacking
    • Akkadian Archer
    • Cimmerian Archer
  • Assigning a General now costs 100 Training
  • Assigning a Governor now costs 100 Civics
  • Diplomats (with the exception of the leader) can now serve as Agents
  • The Capital city now earns +2 Culture per year
  • Greek cities now earn +3 Culture per year (Down from +4)