Old World Update #11

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Cities are no longer worth Victory Points, this has been changed to scale with the culture rating of the City
    • Cities with Developing culture are now worth 1 Victory Point
    • Cities with Strong culture are now worth 2 Victory Points
    • Cities with Legendary culture are now worth 3 Victory Points
  • Naval units now have the ability to harvest resources
  • Naval units can now be assigned a General
  • Harbors now provide XP for naval units
  • Aqueducts have been removed
  • Marriage missions (Family Marriage and Marry Courtier) now cost 100 Civics in addition to the 1 Order cost
  • Choosing an Agent candidate to place in a Rival City now costs 5 Orders
  • Agents will now make an extra tile visible outside of city borders