Old World Update #8

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • A new Spymaster mission has been added: Slander
    • This mission costs 100 Civics to start, and your Spymaster will gain +20 XP upon completion (Starting the mission will also consume 1 order)
    • This mission has three possible outcomes: Slander spread, Slander spread – effort exposed, or the player will receive a Slander event
  • A new unit promotion has been added: Tough
    • This promotion grants the unit +10% strength if they are damaged
  • A new project has been added: Monumental Gate
    • This project is only obtainable via the Monumental Gate event
    • This project yields +1 Training and +1 Culture
  • The amount of culture gained from harvesting resources (salt, gems, etc.) has been doubled
  • More Specialist Ambitions have been added
  • Rivers will now always provide a movement bonus in friendly territory