Old World Update #6

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Some changes have been made to Agents
    • Scouts can now become agents from outside a rival territory (The scout must be positioned on a tile that touches that nation’s border)
    • Making a scout an Agent will add an Agent button below the city widget, this button allows the players to select which character they would like to become an agent
    • Agents can now perform a ‘Treachery’ mission – this mission costs 500 money, consumes 1 order, and takes 2 turns to complete
      • A successful treachery mission results in that city losing 10 HP and rewards the Agent 20 XP
  • A new project has been added: Autonomous Rule
    • This project yields -0.2 Orders, -2 Money, and boosts the city’s growth by 10% and food by 20%
    • This project can only be obtained via the ‘Autonomy in [City]’ event
  • Treasuries have been boosted
    • Treasury I now yields +10 Money per year (Up from 5)
    • Treasury II now yields +20 Money per year (Up from 10)
    • Treasury III now yields +40 Money per year (Up from 20)
    • Treasury IV now yields +80 Money per year (Up from 40)
  • The Freedom Law now provides all cities +1 Science per year (Down from +2)