Old World Update #5

For more details, read the full updates notes.

  • The Cogwheel technology has been renamed to Chain Drive
  • The Windlass technology now gives a bonus tech card
    • The Bonus Card associated with Windlass is a Free Crossbowman
  • Elephant units no longer have a bonus against mounted units
    • Elephant units now have the Panic ability
    • The Panic ability causes targets to retreat after combat
  • Units with a Schemer general will now lose stealth after attacking
  • Units now receive a -50% combat modifier if they are fighting against rebel units from the same family
  • Urban tiles can no longer be purchased via the Colonization Law
  • The number of harbors a city can build is now limited to a max of 1 per culture level
  • You can now build a max of 2 Cathedrals per family
  • Culture steps before Legendary have been removed
    • Culture progression was the following: Weak, Developing I, Developing II, Strong I, Strong II, Strong III, Legendary
    • Culture progression is now: Weak, Developing, Strong, Legendary
  • Culture levels now give science boosts