Offworld Trading Company Update 14

  • Tutorials have been updated
  • Players can now see their Masquerade name while when playing in Masquerade mode
  • Some colony classes have had their resource price minimums lowered. In the Daily Challenge mode the best move was sometimes just throwing down a large number of mines or quarries on an easy to access resource, and because the resource would never drop below $30 a player could just sell that one resource until they had won. This change to address that situation and encourage more interesting strategies.
  • Increased precision of the server game timer.


As expressed by the community recently, extra claims can be extremely powerful. In fact, this reward for founding late was so strong that many players would only found without it in the most dire of circumstances. Early claims are being adjusted so that in games of 4 players or less everyone will receive an extra claim eventually.

  • Last four players to found now all receive a free claim (last to found on HQ2, then HQ3, HQ4, HQ5) regardless of number of players in the game

Several small changes are being made to Black Market items to add consistency and bring costs in line with the power each item brings. Spies and Holograms will now have a cooldown, preventing a player with an early lead from taking them all cheaply to get a significant advantage. Meanwhile, Return a Claim and Core Samples have had their cooldowns reduced to encourage their use.

  • Return a Claim Black Market item can now be purchased when in D Debt
  • Changed Black Market cooldown for Bribe a Claim to 90 seconds (up from 60)
  • Changed Black Market cooldown for Holograms, Spies, Return a Claim, and Core Sample to 30 seconds.
  • Pirates now steal 200 resources
  • Pirates and Magnetic Storms are more likely to appear

Patents are receiving some small adjustments, focused on making energy slightly more accessible and bringing Transparent Aluminum’s power down.

  • Energy Vault now produces 2 backup Energy (up from 1)
  • Transparent Aluminum now costs 60 chems (up from 40)
  • Perpetual Motion now costs 40 chems (down from 60)
Bug Fixes
  • Nomads now receive the correct Black Market time when founding
  • Infinite Challenge Leaderboard now properly updates when played from the Ranked Queue
  • Geothermal Borehole Auctions will no longer occur on maps where no Geothermal Vents are present
  • Overflow bug and formatting fixed for very large amounts of cash
  • Players can once again see number of players in FFA queue while in the 1v1 queue
  • Fixed an error with “Infinite Win (Io)” Achievement
  • Fixed border color artifacts on Medium and Low Rendering Quality