Offworld Trading Company Update 13


  • Cave terrain is now highlighted when holding down the “z” key
  • Caves with resource access are now protected on HQ found
  • Infinite Map Challenge is now an option while waiting in the multiplayer queue
  • Player names are now hidden in multiplayer loading screen when in Masquerade mode
  • Ranked Queue stats are now refreshed when leaving the 1v1 or 4P queues
  • Added version information to the popup when failing to join a lobby because the versions are different
  • Added detailed tooltips for location selection


  • Optimization costs have been adjusted
    • Improved (25%) from 20 Chemicals, 40 seconds to 30 Chemicals, 40 seconds
    • Efficient (50%) from 40 Chemicals, 60 seconds to 40 Chemicals, 50 seconds
    • Advanced (75%) from 60 Chemicals, 80 seconds to 50 Chemicals, 60 seconds
    • Perfect (100%) from 80 Chemicals, 100 seconds to 60 Chemicals, 70 seconds
  • Elites now start with 2 extra shares owned (up from 1)
  • Space Elevators now cost 600 Aluminum, 100 Glass, 100 Electronics
  • Scientists now start with a Goon Squad
  • Basalt construction penalty removed
  • Nomads receive one claim per HQ level (including HQ1), changed from two claims per level after HQ1
  • Elite Pleasure Dome now consumes .25 Chemicals per second (down from .5)
  • Interest rate now increases by 2 for each bond level beyond “D” (D+1, +2, +3, etc.)
  • Founding bonus money now cut in half every time someone founds
  • Maps are no longer guaranteed to have one of either Pirates or Magnetic Storms.


  • Chinese and Korean text no longer shrinks down to an unreadable size in the character popups
  • Changed the Return Claim icon
  • New logo for Reclamation/Scavengers


  • Stock warning will no longer appear in scenarios with Stock Market disabled
  • Now possible to skip the Colony Class screen in games with a Colony Class
  • Resource buttons can now be disabled if that resource cannot be bought and/or sold
  • Resource rows can now be highlighted in the Market UI
  • Scenarios can now have variable difficulty
  • Additional options added for adjusting scenario objective display
  • Added a way for modders to show the time limit without setting the mode to seven sols
  • Added ability for modders to overwrite pause text
  • Added customizable game info popup for modders
  • Added customizable text to fund panel for modders
  • Added ability for modders to toggle the resource panel display mode
  • Added ability for modders to set mouse-over tooltip text for resource warnings
  • Added PlayAudio() function for modders

Bug Fixes

  • Fullscreen application now remains visible when switching focus to another application
  • Resources that the player is not intended to be able to acquire can no longer be obtained through offworld launches (as with Scenario Toolkit scenario 3)
  • Fixed hiring of employees with CTRL and SHIFT in Campaign
  • Auction countdown will no longer display after an auction has closed
  • Auction countdown no longer displays when there is no upcoming auction
  • Added “Show Building Net” player option
  • Starting “A Risky Investment” will no longer prevent debt from ticking in other Scenario Toolkit Scenarios
  • Fixed bug in Raskolnikov’s Campaign HQ text
  • Fixed Blue Chip Ventures bug that incorrectly set starting debt to $0 in some scenarios
  • Fixed buy building bug where UI would say that you can build a building when you don’t have enough money
  • Players can now launch 2 shipments with one Mutiny
  • Various Ranked Queue improvements
  • Hotkeys are now restricted when their corresponding UI element (can no longer bid after intended in Tutorial 3).
  • Players will no longer be sent to an empty lobby when a friend invite fails
  • Various text improvements
  • Scanning UI no longer appears when choosing second HQ location as Nomads on reveal map when all other players have founded
  • Black Market highlighting no longer appears over character popups