Offworld Trading Company Update 12


  • Added Marathon Mode game option (In a standard game, this option increases stock prices by 50%. In a Campaign or Stock Victory game, this option increases the time limit for each match.)
  • Buyout warning audio shortened
  • AI now always plays with a stock delay
  • Improved AI founding
  • Campaign and Skirmish now default to Employee instead of Manager
  • Achievements added for Scenario Toolkit’s Scenarios


  • Elites can now use silicon instead of aluminum for buildings. (This ability functions like Transparent Aluminum, but with silicon replacing aluminum rather than aluminum replacing glass.)
  • Elite Pleasure Domes revenue increase from previous patch has been reverted
  • Elites now begin a game with one additional share (down from two)
  • Increased appearance probability of silicon
  • Water Processors and Electrolysis Reactors now require carbon instead of aluminum
  • Nuclear Plants no longer get an adjacency bonus from Chemical Refineries


  • When observing, buyout percents are in the color of the closest player
  • Added SHIFT/CTRL-click shortcut to buy perks in campaign
  • Adding tooltip describing why Skirmish and Lobby dropdowns are disabled


  • Can now name colony in rule-set.xml

Bug Fixes

  • Claims are properly awarded for late founders again
  • MULEs can no longer slant drill on hills/cliffs
  • Elite Pleasure Domes no longer affect entertainment market if out of chemicals
  • Fixed loading maps in multiplayer lobby that require a certain mod
  • Show local art packs now display correctly for auctions
  • Skirmish screen dropdown tooltips now appear correctly
  • Subsidiaries no longer display a white square logo if acquired prior to founding
  • While observing, fixed special building buttons when switching players
  • Blue Chip Ventures Ceres lighting fixed
  • UI elements scaling adjusted