Offworld Release Tournament!

We are announcing the Offworld Release Twitch Tournament!

Here are the rules:

  • The tournament uses a single-elimination bracket of 16 players.
  • All tournament matches are 1v1, with a small map and default settings, with the exception of Reveal Map and Random Prices which must both be turned on.
  • The format for winning is best-of-3, except for the finals, which will be best-of-5.
  • If a player is not responsive to finding a time or does not show up to the match, s/he forfeits the match.
  • All matches must be streamed by at least one person, which can be a third-party observer.
  • Check the posted bracket to see who your opponent is and use the designated forum thread to arrange a time to play.
  • After the game is finished, at least one video must be uploaded to YouTube.

Here is the bracket: