Release Date: April 28th, 2016!

Offworld Trading Company has been in Early Access for over a year, and in that time we have launched 10 major beta updates based on feedback from you. The game has improved in innumerable ways from our first version because of the dedication and involvement of our community.

Today, we announce the release date of the game as April 28th, 2016, and we are excited to bring this game to a wider audience. We don’t view release as the end of the project but as another milestone in the game’s progress. We will be supporting, updating, and playing the game with all of you as we have always been (indeed, we have added an achievement entitled Beat Soren, so look for me online!).

We want thank all of our players for believing in the game, posting on our forums, and playing with us. Building an economic RTS was a leap of faith for us, but it was also a leap of faith for you, one that we will never forget. From the entire Mohawk team, thank you for supporting Offworld Trading Company.