Beta 9 Update

New stock mode and ELO rankings for the top players.


  • Subsidiary dividends now come each turn.
  • Reveal Map is on for Daily Challenges
  • Renamed Parks to Warehouses.
  • Offworld Markets launch faster if next to Warehouses.
  • Hacker Arrays are faster next to Offices.
  • Patent Labs are faster next to Labs.
  • Upgrade Labs are faster next to Toolshops.
  • 2-3 players: start with 1 share of stock.
  • 4-5 players: start with 2 shares.
  • 6+ players: start with 3 shares.
  • Fixed issues with team game.
  • Better AI.


  • The main menu will indicate if there is a lobby available.
  • Displays “Game Available” next to multiplayer if a lobby is up or a player is looking for a quick match.
  • Fixed replay after a multiplayer AI game.


  • Player list now re-orders when players lose and become subsidies.
  • Double clicking on lobby entry now takes you to that lobby.
  • Added Verbose Messages player option (to show more messages in chat)


  • New version of tutorial 1.
  • Fixed a 3-4MB/minute memory leak.
  • Recording application errors to the cloud.
  • Updated language translations.


  • Defaulting new installations to fullscreen.
  • Drawing ambient occlusion behind depth fog.
  • Updated the edge-of-map visual.
  • Fixed camera mouse drag when switching between Offworld and other applications.
  • Increased the number of extra tiles around the edge of the map.
  • Reduced the number of internal objects by 30%.
  • Improved terrain mouse ray-casting.
  • Fixed missing Offworld Rocket trail.


  • New building complete sounds. There is a unique sound for the four building types: mining, factories, power, and advanced.
  • New sounds for opening and closing the tabs.