Fifth Offworld Tournament! (Teams!)

We are announcing the Fifth Offworld Twitch Tournament!

Here are the rules:

  • The tournament uses a single-elimination bracket of 8 two-player teams.
  • All tournament matches are 2v2, on a medium map with default settings.
  • The format for winning is best-of-3, except for the finals, which will be best-of-5.
  • If a team is not responsive to finding a time or does not show up to the match, they forfeit.
  • All matches must be streamed by at least one person, which can be a third-party observer.
  • After the game is finished, at least one video must be uploaded to YouTube and a link to the video should be posted in the results thread.
  • The first round will begin as soon as the initial bracket is posted.

Here are the teams:

  • Soren Johnson and Chump
  • PBHead and Roler
  • Cubit and Veivi
  • Gameslayer and Saberman
  • Blues and Zuzani
  • Dermas and TSmooth
  • Kingmorgan and Galactic Wino
  • Phoenix and DuddBudda

Here is the bracket: