Beta 7 Update


  • Majority Buyout is now always on. On majority ownership, the owned company becomes a subsidiary of the parent, instead of a strict buyout (considered like conceding for human players). Subsidiaries never upgrade, create new buildings, use the Black Market, or buy/sell stock, but they give their parent company 10% of their cash each morning.
  • Scanning is turn-based in single player
  • Map is revealed after founding HQ
  • Reveal Map is now the default in multiplayer
  • Black market: Spies will always be in the black market if there are holograms (in games with more than four players)
  • Black market: Auction Tile will appear in two player games, but you cannot auction your own tiles
  • Black market: Reduced cooldown bonus from founding later
  • Tiles targeted multiple times by area-of-effect sabotage (EMPs, Power Surges, Slowdown Strike, etc.) have diminishing effects
  • Constructions can now be hologrammed
  • Buildings infected with a virus are always turned on (and always auto-supplying)
  • Solar panels cost 20 more silicon
  • Offworld Market prices 10% lower in two player games
  • Offworld Markets can no longer be scrapped.
  • Adrenaline Boost now affects Offworld Markets 50% less
  • No construction units are needed when the building is connected to the hq
  • Added non-engineer perks to the labor pool in the Campaign
  • Players start with two shares of stock
  • Interest payments now occur at 6am
  • Pleasure Domes are more profitable when they are adjacent to occupied habitat modules at the Colony.
  • Added Advanced Sabotage option so you can play with hologram and other sabotages in single player games (NOTE: the AI will not use these sabotage options.)
  • Daily Challenge now has much more variety
  • Campaign improvements
  • Better AI


  • Added daily challenge leaderboard
  • Added information for the number of matches played in the last hour and the number of searches in the last hour when hovering over the quick match button


  • Added elemental quarry construction animation
  • Added new solar condenser
  • Updated metal mine animation
  • Updated robotic HQ found animation


  • Fixed build buttons so that you can still click to activate the power strength overlays when the buttons are disabled. (Thanks InSyncOTC!)
  • When you click on an advanced building, it will bring up the appropriate tag. (Thanks InSyncOTC!)
  • Clicking on the resource icons takes you to the nearest unclaimed deposit of that resource. (Thanks InSyncOTC!)
  • Added the resource tooltips back that describe how to produce a resource and what consumes it. (Thanks Cubit32!)
  • Patent Lab flyout: Now shows the owner of various patents. The flyout still needs more love, but it’s a bit clearer. (Thanks Offworld_Blues!)
  • Buyout threat red text is back! (Thanks InSyncOTC!)
  • Added resource rate consumption/production mouseovers. (Thanks InSyncOTC!)
  • Fixed ctrl & alt (with shift) clicking on buildings to toggle power and ship resources. (Thanks PBHead!)
  • Added building preview meter to shows the output when you construct a building in a location. (Thanks InSyncOTC!)
  • When trying to place a building, added complaints back in. (“You need $xxx”.) (Thanks Bertiee!)<
  • When founding HQ, you can now see the additional resources for founding in your current location. (Thanks InSyncOTC!)<
  • Added UI to playbacks to control game speed and made sure the hotkeys worked. (Thanks InSyncOTC!)
  • Deficits in the resource row now show up in red. Surpluses in green. When you have a weird situation (like, say, the power bank) it should show both values.
  • New end-game display.
  • New monospaced font
  • Turned off mouse edge scrolling when the application loses focus


  • Single player games are now saved appropriately. (Thanks InSyncOTC!)
  • Copying source game code and .dll’s to user’s documents folder as a reference for modders
  • Exposed game hooks for mod .dll’s
  • Updated the game credits screen


  • Preloading HQ assets and animations on game start
  • Improved revealing tiles memory and performance


  • Fixed Polish currency representation.
  • Fixed double % symbols in some text
  • Added support for nested variable substitutions