Beta 6 Update

Robotic HQs now get a bonus from power buildings, patents are now faster to research (especially for Scientific HQs), new Destroy Buyout game mode, new Majority Buyout game mode, and try out the new UI!


  • Robotic buildings get a bonus from being constructed adjacent to a power building.
  • Scientific HQs research patents 50% faster.
  • Added Destroy Buyout game option, where when a player buys someone else out, the bought out player’s buildings are destroyed and their tiles become unclaimed. The buyer gets 5 additional extra claims.
  • Added Majority Buyout game option, where buyouts occur with >50% ownership of stock.
  • Patents are researched faster.
  • Auction Tile black market item can now auction any unowned tile on the map.
  • Changed “No Black Market” option to “No Sabotage”.
  • The start tile on the map is the center of the map if there is no colony present.
  • “Network Virus” now has a radius of 1.
  • “Slowdown Strike” is immune to “Goon Squads”.
  • Financial Instruments patent is cheaper.
  • Faster scanning on large maps.
  • Improved AI
  • Fixed Core Sample bug


  • Fix error when the server concedes the game.
  • “Resign” is now “Concede”. Will take you to the stats menu but you remain in the game.


  • New Metal Mines that reflect the iron and/or aluminium level that they are using.
  • Transports now have team color.


  • Try out the new UI! Go to Options->Game and check the “New UI” checkbox to try it out. Players experiencing interface slowdowns should try this out to see if this fixes the problem. We do not recommend using it for competitive play because it is missing a number of major features, but we are working hard to get it ready for beta 7. Please give us feedback on what you think!
  • Hovering over a resource will expose that resource’s list of associated buildings.
  • Fixing “$8.100” incorrect stock price formatting.


  • New state-based music added! There is an option added to the Options->Audio where you can listen to the new track. The music will change as you progress through the game (mainly upgrading your colony). The track is added to the rotation of the other music, so it will happen sometimes at random.


  • Polish translation added
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation added
  • New Korean logo
  • Switching languages no longer requires a restart to take effect


  • Slight camera pitch added when you zoom in
  • Doubling mouse zoom speed
  • Cancel added to option screen
  • New log files are written to “Document/My Games/Offworld/Logs”